• BeagleBone Black - WiFi hangs on boot

    Hey guys,


    I am running the latest Ubuntu build on a Rev C BeagleBone Black. I am using a wifi dongle into the usb port on the board. The problem is that the wifi hangs on connecting to the access point about half the time on boot. When it does connect…

  • Beaglebone Black AM335x



    I wonder you can please shed some light on my problem.
    1/ I build a kernel 3.14.47 success fully for the Beaglebone Black
    2/ Build the Modules ie. libs
    3/ Stole tisdk-rootfs-image-am335x-evm.tar.gz for the rootfs file system
    4/ replaced boot/zImage…

  • Which book is easy to understand the Beaglebone ?

    please suggest me a book on beagle bone !