• BeagleBone Black - WiFi hangs on boot

    Hey guys,


    I am running the latest Ubuntu build on a Rev C BeagleBone Black. I am using a wifi dongle into the usb port on the board. The problem is that the wifi hangs on connecting to the access point about half the time on boot. When it does connect…

  • Beaglebone Black AM335x



    I wonder you can please shed some light on my problem.
    1/ I build a kernel 3.14.47 success fully for the Beaglebone Black
    2/ Build the Modules ie. libs
    3/ Stole tisdk-rootfs-image-am335x-evm.tar.gz for the rootfs file system
    4/ replaced boot/zImage…

  • Beaglebone Black Radio Challenge: We Have a Winner!

    First of all, many thanks to our competitors from across the globe who participated in this challenge; their projects were a clear demonstration of the versatility as well as power of the Beaglebone Black.  It hasn't been easy for element14 and Texas Instruments…
  • Beaglebone Black Radio Challenge - 3: Portable ADS-B Receiver and Fails!

    So as I mentioned, I was planning to make two projects. As the first one took a long time, I just had a couple of days to finish this one and publish it. Unfortunately, it didn't work due to couple of reasons:

    • Initial plan was to write some sort of…
  • Beaglebone Black Radio Challenge - 2: Streaming Server Setup

    In this post I'll be talking about how to set another computer to act as a server between Beaglebone Black and Internet. Initially I was planning to use ffmpeg and ffserver but after a week of banging my head against the wall, I couldn't make it work…

  • Beaglebone Black Radio Challenge - 1: System Setup and FM Streaming

    In this post, I'll be talking about three things in general:

    • Getting a new image, updating it and fixing things that are broken.
    • Installing RTL-SDR which will be used for receiving FM transmissions and others.
    • Testing the installation by streaming raw…
  • Beaglebone Black Radio Challenge - 0: Project Description

    Hello everyone!


    This is the first post for my Beaglebone Black Radio Challenge entry. I own a Beaglebone, so I have some experience with it. I even wrote a blog post about it on my own blog about compiling a new Angstrom image and playing around with GPIO…

  • Which book is easy to understand the Beaglebone ?

    please suggest me a book on beagle bone !