Experimenting with Flyback Transformers

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Experiment with Flyback Transformers used in switched-mode power supplies, converters, inverter, and much more.

This exciting competition, in partnership with Bourns, aims to expand your knowledge and use of flyback transformers. You may perform simple-to-complex, hands-on experiments, tests, or designs featuring flyback transformers. Join for a chance to win fantastic prizes selected just for the Design Engineer.

Who Can Join?

Any element14 member. Click here to read the FAQs. You need to submit an application entry form by the enrollment due date (see Timeline Table). If you are not an element14 Community member, please join here.

The Prizes

Prize Prize Category

Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize

Approximate Value $695 USD*

  • BeagleBoard® VAhead Single-Board Computer
  • MP720015 US Oscilloscope
  • MP710258 US DC Electronic Load

Runner Up

Runner Up

Approximate Value $513 USD*

  • MP710086 US Linear Bench Top DC Power Supply
  • MP740784 US Hot Air Station
  • Multicomp MP720780 US Oscilloscope

3rd Prize

Runner Up

Newly Added*

  • METCAL GT120-HP-T6 Soldering Station

Finisher Prize**

Finisher prize
To be a finisher you must complete 5 blogs and show us testing the resilience of their project.

Approximate Value $22 USD*

Heat Shrink Tubing Kit

*Or local equivalent
**Grand Prize and Runner Up winners do not earn the finisher prize.

The Kit

A maximum of 10 FREE kits will be offered depending on qualified applicants. To be eligible to receive one, you must submit an application by the enrollment deadline (October 23, 2023).

Product Description Buy Kit
PFBR45-ST13150S Gate Drive Transformer, 1MH, 2KV  Buy Now
PFBR45-SP13150S Gate Drive Transformer, 1.15MH, 4.5KV Buy Now
094929 SMPS Transformer, Flyback, 900 mA, 132kHz, 22 W, 85V to 265V Buy Now
063929 SMPS Transformer, Flyback, 250 mA, 44kHz to 132kHz, 4 W, 85V to 265V Buy Now
063932 SMPS Transformer, Flyback, 250 mA, 44kHz to 132kHz, 6 W, 85V to 265V Buy Now
093830 SMPS Transformer, Flyback, 650 mA, 132kHz, 8 W, 85V to 265V Buy Now
063934 SMPS Transformer, Flyback, 370 mA, 44kHz to 132kHz, 9 W, 85V to 265V Buy Now
094931 SMPS Transformer, Flyback, 1.8 A, 66kHz to 132kHz, 22 W, 85V to 265V Buy Now
094932 SMPS Transformer, Flyback, 1.2 A, 132kHz, 22 W, 85V to 265V Buy Now
071923 Choke, Common Mode, 0.28 A, 22 mH, Through Hole Buy Now
093267 Choke, Common Mode, 0.5 A, 27 mH, Through Hole Buy Now
D00413 Compartment Box, Clear, Plastic, General Purpose Storage, 35x125x230mm Buy Now

Note: The challenge kit does not provide everything that will be needed for this competition. The challenger will need to have the resources and equipment, as well as other minor parts to build their testing systems.

Optional Power Supplies

Product Description
AC/AC Power Supply Buy Now  Buy Now

The Dates

Project Phases Dates
Application Period 21st September 2023
Application Deadline 1 November 2023
Applicants Selected 3 November 2023
Extra Credit Blogs Due 24th January 2024
Final Summary Blog Due 25th January 2024
Winners Announced January 2024
Prizes Shipped January 2024

Technical Resources

For Beginners

For Intermediate - Advance

Blog Requirements, FAQs, & Judging

The final, detailed, summary blog is the only mandatory requirement to successfully finish this program. However, a participant can earn extra points by publishing up to 5 extra credit blogs. Click the following link to read how these 5 blogs will be individually scored. more information.

The Challengers

You will be able to see how you compare to other participants via a tracking table here. TABLE LAST UPDATED: Jan. 31, 2024.

Final Results Blog Extra Credit
Blog 1
Extra Credit
Blog 2
Extra Credit
Blog 3
Extra Credit
Blog 4
Extra Credit
Blog 5
Total Points
abhishek2018 - Designing with Bourns 2.25-22 W Flyback Transformers
128.5 31 62 30 70 0 321.5 (Finisher)
Anthocyanina - DC to DC demystified
208 78 56 60 77 79 558 (Runner Up)
BigG - Transforming diagnostics and comms
0 64 54 0 0 0 118
ivanovcm - Flyback transformer
0 0 0 0 0 0 0
javagoza - Magic Lightbox
266.5 80 49 81 70 68 614.5 (Grand)
lui_gough - Learning About Flyback Transformers From the Ground Up
229.5 39 49 78 63 70 528.5 (3rd)
noops - High Voltage Power Supply with "active" snubber
0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ronas - Design of an experimental flyback board
0 0 0 0 0 0 0
sunnyiut - Building an EMC-Optimized SMPS for PEMF Therapy
0 35 0 0 0 0 35

Where to Ask Questions?

For any general or technical questions about the competition, please post a comment on this page. It is monitored by element14.

Bookmarking this page is a good way to keep up-to-date with the competition.

The Terms

Please read the full terms and conditions attached below.

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