• Subscription to AirVantage MQTT topic

    Hello people!


    I'm having difficulties with MQTT.

    Did anyone manage to "subscribe" to AirVantage MQTT server?

    I never used a MQTT so I'm getting some difficulties when I try to get notifications when new data is published to AirVantage. Maybe…

  • Arduino+GPRS or Raspberry-Pi to Airvantage

    Hii friends,

    I am waiting for BBB. But I have Arduino SIM900 GPRS module and raspberry-pi B+... So I wana start with what I have...


    Can you suggest any DIY link for connecting to Airvantage cloud using ARDUINO+SIM900GPRS or Raspberry-Pi...


    I have googled…

  • Have a Question for TI?  Ask it Here!

    Do you have a support question for TI related to the In the Air Design Challenge?  Ask it on this thread.

  • In The Air Update

    Just a quick post to let everyone know I'm still working on my project. I'm waiting for parts. I was shipped parts someone else ordered, and I'm waiting for it to be straightened out.

  • TI CC3200

    Going to use this in Air challenge. Anyone have any tip, suggestion or any experience information about this?

  • Sensor procurement

    Hi everyone,

    This challenge involves the air to be sampled and sensed. I was wondering if anyone would like to share sensor information and their vendor info because the element14 catalog falls a tad bit short on that side. Ravi has pointed out some vendors…

  • Welcome to the "In The Air" Design Challenge on element14 Community!

    Welcome to the 'In the Air" Design Challenge on element14 Community.  On behalf of the team at element14 Community, we wish everyone good luck and can't wait to see all of the ideas you submit to help build a cleaner, less polluted world! …