• Subscription to AirVantage MQTT topic

    Hello people!


    I'm having difficulties with MQTT.

    Did anyone manage to "subscribe" to AirVantage MQTT server?

    I never used a MQTT so I'm getting some difficulties when I try to get notifications when new data is published to AirVantage. Maybe…

  • Arduino+GPRS or Raspberry-Pi to Airvantage

    Hii friends,

    I am waiting for BBB. But I have Arduino SIM900 GPRS module and raspberry-pi B+... So I wana start with what I have...


    Can you suggest any DIY link for connecting to Airvantage cloud using ARDUINO+SIM900GPRS or Raspberry-Pi...


    I have googled…

  • AirMobile - 31 - Final demo

    In this post, a complete overview of the implemented solution will be provided


    Data collection

    The first step is to collect data by simply driving around while the smartphone app records data


  • Carbon Footprint Monitoring - AirVantage REST Library



    For those of you who have been following this post, I had experienced some difficulty accessing data from Sierra Wireless' AirVantage Cloud platform.  Most of the topics posted in this challenge used MQTT protocol to send data to their…

  • [Firecracker Analyzer] Obligatory Guide - Using Sierra Air Vantage with your Device

    • Prelude
    • Introduction
    • Setting up Air Vantage
      • Setup the App
      • Setup the gateway
      • Meet NodeJS
        • Step 0.
        • Step 1.
        • Step 2.
    • Conclusion



    The challenge is to create a system for air quality sensing which can operate without human intervention…

  • AirMobile - 24 - Bluetooth connection

    The last step before installing the AirMobile board on a real car is to test the Bluetooth connection


    What you see in the video is the AirMobile board mated with the TI LaunchPad board and powered by a Peltier cell. The gray box you see in the video is…

  • Carbon Footprint Monitoring - [kNow] more AirVantage

    Over the couple weeks or so, I have been focused on the central hub application where I have been successfully sending device information and sample data to AirVantage.  However, I couldn't seem to retrieve the data from the cloud-platform on to another…

  • AirMobile - 17 - Data map

    Representing data on the map

    In this post I will talk about the representation of data collected by AirMobile on a map. Representing data o the map is the easiest way to understand the locations to avoid when doing outdoor activities. The solution I was…

  • AirMobile - 13 - AirVantage binding

    Previous posts

    AirMobile - 11 - MQTT Java Client

    AirMobile - 12 - AirVantage REST API


    AirVantage OpenHAB binding

    After creating an helper class for accessing the data stored in AirVantage, I am now ready to implement an OpenHAB binding. With such a binding…

  • AirMobile - 12 - AirVantage REST API

    AirVantage REST API


    In the previous post, I created a Java MQTT client to push data into the AirVantage cloud platform.

    Next step is to read it out and make it available to OpenHAB. In this post I will talk about the AirVantage REST API, whereas in the…