• [Firecracker Analyzer] Challenge Summary and Future Work

    • Introduction
    • Work Plan
      • Energy Harvester Module based on the TI BQ25504 and a SuperCap
      • Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Node based on the TI CC110L and FR5969
      • Gateway device Based on the BeagleBone Black
      • Standalone Sensor Node based on the TI…
  • [Firecracker Analyzer] Wireless sensor Node part II & Setting up a solar Fuel Booster Pack

    • Prelude
    • Making the Wireless Node
      • Recap
      • Wireless Base Station Code
      • Wireless Node
        • Fuel Tank Modification
        • Node Code
        • ScreenShot



    In my last post here ([Firecracker Analyzer] Creating a Wireless Sensor Node using TI's stuff.) I built…

  • [Firecracker Analyzer] The Energy Harvester

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    I had initially planned to make an evergy harvester circuit around the BQ25504 which was one of the parts from Texas Instruments for this…

  • [Firecracker Analyzer] Testing the Texas Instruments BQ25504 - Success?

    My Question to TI

    Does the VSTOR Pin provide output voltage in the absence of the VIN BUT in the presence of a Storage element.? NOT!



    I finally got around to testing the BQ25504 and it was not what I expected but I am stupid so its all good…

  • [Firecracker Analyzer] Successful QFN Assembly

    Not a very complicated post just a few pics of the assembly.


    I use some flux and copper wire strands and used it to sweep the extra solder out... The above is the result and I check with the DMM to see if any pins were bridged. They weren't  .


    I then…

  • [Firecracker Analyzer] Hot air assembly of TI Solar Harvester

    • Introduction
    • Setting things up
    • Results
    • Lessons learned
    • Status
    • Update 1



    In my previous posts here and here, I made a small circuit with the prescribed parts from Texas Instruments and made a PCB for it. I recently received the passives…

  • [Firecracker Analyzer] Creating a Wireless Sensor Node using TI's stuff.

    • Introduction
    • Topology and CC110L Dissection
    • The Air Booster Pack
    • The rise of Energia
    • The easy way to setup a link
      • Step 1.
      • Step 2.
      • Step 3.
      • Step 4.
    • Video Clip
    • Comparison
    • To be continued...



    The objective of this post to…

  • [Firecracker Analyzer] Obligatory Guide - Using Sierra Air Vantage with your Device

    • Prelude
    • Introduction
    • Setting up Air Vantage
      • Setup the App
      • Setup the gateway
      • Meet NodeJS
        • Step 0.
        • Step 1.
        • Step 2.
    • Conclusion



    The challenge is to create a system for air quality sensing which can operate without human intervention…

  • [Firecracker Analyzer] (Another) Guide to getting started with the CC3200

    • Prelude
    • Status
    • The CC3200
      • Step 1: UnBox it and Get started
      • Step 2: Connect to our router.
      • Step 3: Install the Dev IDE
      • Step 4: Start Coding
      • Step 5: Understanding MQTT
      • Step 6: MQTT on CC3200
      • Step 7: Reading a Frequency and sending it via…
  • [Firecracker Analyzer] Testing the HDC1000 on my Own board


    I have been busy with the IoT HOliday Lights project but after its completion, I have jumped right back here. I had the boards manufactured from Seeed and they look good. I will post a progress blog separately, but right now, I need to post about…

  • [Firecracker Analyzer] Messing with an I2C LCD and using the BUS PIRATE

    • The LCD itself
    • First things first...
    • The bus pirate.
    • On to the bus!
    • Conclusion

    I got one of these (The LCD!The LCD!) LCDs from the budget and the motive is to use them to display air quality. Low and behold I got them and these things are tiny…

  • [Firecracker Analyzer]Brief update

    Its been a hectic couple of weeks and progress has been slow. I will be posting a series of smaller posts to cover work done and my "evil plans". One of the factors that contributed to my slow progress was sensor selection and I am still a bit stuck on…

  • [Firecracker Analyzer] [week 1] System Design and ReDesign

    I had already proposed a design but it was a bit rough and after talking to some sensor vendors, I found that not only are gas sensors expensive but most of them might not be suitable for outdoor use at all. Hence I have cut down on the sensors and added…

  • [Firecracker Analyser] [week 0] Sensor Research


    In order to make the system work, the first thing we need are sensor. I did some search and this is what I came up with. I need to fit sensors, parts and possibly some smd equipment into budget and that has made me fiddle with the design a…

  • [FireCracker Analyzer]: Index

    • Project Proposal: The Firecracker Aftermath Analyzer
    • Blog Posts
    • Refrences

    Project Proposal: The Firecracker Aftermath Analyzer


    In order to measure the effect of Diwali firecrackers in India, a air pollution analyzer will be designed. It will have…

  • [Firecracker Analyser] [week 0] Project Description

    • Prelude
    • Motivation
    • Project Proposal: The Firecracker Aftermath Analyzer
    • Work Plan




    Pollution is a big problem today and its an ever increasing problem. It is said that prevention is better than cure, but a lot of people will spread pollution…

  • Sensor procurement

    Hi everyone,

    This challenge involves the air to be sampled and sensed. I was wondering if anyone would like to share sensor information and their vendor info because the element14 catalog falls a tad bit short on that side. Ravi has pointed out some vendors…