• 10 Finalists will create “The Internet of the Backyard” in element14 design challenge

    CHICAGO – August 13, 2014 – element14, Plotly and Texas Instruments (TI) are proud to announce 10 finalists in the Internet of the Backyard challenge, a competition designed to elevate summer activities. During this unique competition, designers will…

  • Internet of the Backyard Challenge Competitors

    Janis Alnis | Christopher Bailey | Don Bertke | Bill Crum | Colin Gerrish | Steve Hamilton | Lukasz Krysiewicz | Timothy Nott | Inderpreet Singh | Matthias Stutz | Brian Sutherland
     Janis Alnis
    Project: Tomato Plant Monitoring System

    We grow…

  • Terms and Conditions: Internet of the Backyard design challenge

    How to enter the challenge:

    Step 1:  Log in or register on element14, it's easy and free.


    Step 2: Post in the comments section below what you would do with the CC3200 LaunchPad and why you should be selected to receive the build. Videos, pictures an…

  • [IoT_Grass #6] IoT Backyard Challenge GGMS - Summary

    And so the IoT Backyard challenge is sadly drawing to a close. Like most engineers, no project is ever really complete as there is always room for improvement and so I feel as if I've only just got started with developing my application. The TI Simplelink…

  • CC3200 IoT Backyard Challenge Tomato Greenhouse Summary

    Previous post: Energia is out there for CC3200



    A summary for Internet of Things roadtest


    Thanks to Texas Instruments Element 14 for possibility to be a roadtester for Simplelink Wi-Fi CC3200 launchpad.

    It is a single chip containing  both Wi-Fi connectivity…

  • Internet of the Backyard Design Challenge Update

    I would like to update you with my Design Challenge.


    I was originally going to design a water system for my wife's square foot garden.


    Shortly after being notified I won a kit, my health turned bad, and I got extremely ill for a long time. I have been…

  • [iot umbrella] #11 FINAL DESCRIPTION

    Hello for everyone.


    After many hours of work, I can show my umbrella project.

    At begin I want thanks for my wife (for patient) for my friend Jonatan (for 3D printer ) for Daniel Defoe (for very fast realizing my orders),

    for my young daughter (for permanently…

  • Internet of the Backyard - The Final Days

    Autumn Tree
    When this challenge launched, the summer was fresh and green; as winter draws close, it's time to say farewell to memories of backyard barbecues and laying in the sun.  So too, this is the last week for the Internet of the Backyard challenge.
    Just a…
  • [iot_umbrella] #10 power supply – description

    For umbrella project I build my own power supply system.


    - solar panel (3V, 80mA)

    - storage/battery element (LiPo rechargeable battery from Fuel Tank BoosterPack)

    - my own universal solar charger device (based on TI bq255040 )

    - TI TLV70433 LDO (3,3V, 150mA…

  • Time flies. Birds fly. Hard to find either one!

    I picked up a helper to move the engineering side along a little more quickly, so I finally have some time to post. As a total rookie, the learning curve to get the TI to bend to my will is pretty wicked.


    The last month+ has flown by. The biggest challenge…

  • [iot_umbrella] #9 gps module – description

    In my umbrella project I used gps module. After start  device turn on gps module and waiting for geographic position . Latitude and longitude values are used in weather forecast algorithm.


    If user dont have gps module, then he can turn off gps positioning…

  • [IoT_Grass #5] IoT Backyard Challenge GGMS - Blooming marvelous

    I finally have my cc3200 Launchpad posting data to Plot.ly using Energia (www.energia.nu) compiler / Wiring framework. It took awhile to sort out but feels great to finally get all my charts initialised in the correct format and my data streaming to Plot…