• Add Avnet's Ultra96 Advanced Courses to the Awards

    Hi Randall (),


    Do you think I ask too much if you can discuss with our kindly sponsor Avnet regarding adding their Ultra96 advanced course materials as one more award for the Path II Programmable training program?


    I really enjoy the Path II Prog…

  • Path II Programmable: Embedded Vision Project on the Ultra96-V2

    The Path II Programmable training project trains element14 members by providing them with free FPGA/SoC training modules with lab exercises. Learn more about Path II Prtogrammable here: Path II Programmable: About Training Project 


    Once the trains and…

  • PIIP - PetaLinux 2018.3 Installation missing files



    This is a question for my fellow trainees.  I just discovered that I'm missing some files from my PetaLinux install and I just wanted to ask whether others are having this problem or if I have made an error installing or am using a corrupt install.…