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Twist, Turn and Move Design Challenge with TE Robotics

Use your robotics skills to make that machine move!

Applications to receive a free kit have closed but you can still take part in the challenge! Participants can purchase the TE Connectors kit, an Arduino Uno, and Robotics Shields to build a mobile robot or arm that performs a specific task.

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Chosen challengers will receive the TE Robotics Challenge Kit
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Flash Forge Guider II 3D Printer, and iRobot Roomba Self Emptying Robot Vacuum Clearer
Grand Prize

iRobot Bravaa Jet Robot Mop, and Ender 3 V2 3D Printer
Runner Up Prize
All challengers who complete their project by the submission deadline: 2nd September 2022 will receive a MultiComp Pro Multimeter Set.
Blog - Post List
  • Blog #1: TTM Design challenge - Introduction

    First off - I have a confession to make that I had some time adversities due to illnesses in my house so I'm quite late in writing up the blogs and completing the challenge. However, I would say that I am only completing the blogs and as far as the c...
  • Sammy Semaphore Fully Functioning - Blog 7

    Intro Sammy Semaphore is finally fully functional, complete with remote Bluetooth control. He turned out very well, although not without having to work through adversity. The biggest issues were supply chain and the fact that I got very sick. Sammy S...
  • TE Connectivity Connector Tester - Blog 6

    Intro There is only one day left before the deadline for this contest, so I need to publish where I am at. The Connector Tester part of this project involved designing a couple of PCBs to allow TE Connectivity connectors to be tested. Unfortunately n...
  • Twist, Turn and Move Design Challenge with TE Robotics - Unlimited CNC Robot Blog 7 (Final Blog)

    Unlimited CNC Robot Blog 7 (Final Blog) My final video of the working project: community.element14.com/.../CNC-Final.mp4 I want to thank our sponsor TE Connectivity for making this challenge possible. Thank you to Element14 and the community for h...
  • The Robocat: Final Blog Post

    With the deadline here, I am presenting the current state of The Robocat.  We have achieved nearly all of our goals by creating a wheeled robot with a super cute cat body. The Robocat can follow pre-programmed paths, identify a laser pointer dot...
  • RARM is alive!

    And now, the results. A long time passed since the challenge started. Difficulties have passed and now it is time to get into presenting to the community results.  First, let me show you some pictures, and then I am attaching a video so you can...
  • Teleoperation Robot - Blog #3 - Twist, Turn and Move Design Challenge with TE Robotics

    1. The Main Robot Body I am using a Steel chassis with 4 x 100 RPM - 12V Centre Shaft DC Geared Motors and 4 x 7cm Diameter wheels.         2. Creating the Firebase Realtime Database Project 2.1 Creating a Firebase Proj...
  • Rullit #8 - Final demo

    This is the last post of this challenge. I am going to provide a list of the materials required to build Rullit and I am going to publish a final (partial) demo of Rullit at work Bill of materials Qty Description Notes Link 1 TE Robotic...
  • Twist, Turn and Move Challenge - Unlimited CNC Robot Blog #6

    Unlimited CNC Robot Blog #6 I wanted to post this blog before I post my final blog tonight. I found a big error in my code and wanted to update it now. The error I made was I had my line sensors reversed to what they needed to be for the right readi...
  • ARDUMOBO blog 7: Connectors

    Connectors Going back to the block diagram, I will add a few comments here. As a general principle, I would like to be able to disconnect the two engines, two sensors and two power supplies (not pictured in the diagram: 5V power bank and 6V engine p...