• accessible xbox controlls

    I was hoping that there were voice accessible xbox 360 controllers or a way to mod one so it could be voice activated. My husband is an avid gamer but his severe arthritis does not allow him to have the use of his fingers.

  • Foot pedal for controlling digitizer pen pressure input?

    I'm an artist that has a lot of difficulty applying pressure with things like Wacom pens for long periods of time; after awhile I start to experience hand pain and loss of grip strength. That combined with my love for pedal controlled airbrushes I would…

  • I need help

    I’m study computer science in university of Jordan , I have project about tracking system of cameras

    This about where is exactly cameras and find it.

    I need help

  • Tube amp

    Old school tube amp

  • Unified Power Supply for PC and display

    Hi Ben,


    On my table there is a BRIX PC, a Display and a NAS. For each of them their own Power Supply and my work space if filled with them. Is there any way to make (or mod an ATX PSU) a PSU for all my devices?

    I need an output of 19V 3.42A for PC, 19.5V…

  • USB Charging Port in Household Items.

    I feel that it would be very cool and convenient to have USB charging ports in things such as lamps, or fans. Items that you have next to you on your couch when you're using your phone or tablet.

  • Air mouse like minority report

    hi Ben, im Writing From Argentina, First of all, please excuseme if a make some typo in the letter, you see, english itś not my mane language, then. Could you gime me the number of Alyson? Just Kidding!.

    i want to know if there is a way to create a mouse…

  • A Height Adjustable Normal Desk Add-On

    Hello Ben,


    I was wondering if you could make a height adjustable desk add-on similar to the VARIDESK Height-Adjustable Standing Desks. I have a 39 3/8 x 23 5/8 Desk and two 20 inch monitors. I think the style of the build should be one flat surface just…

  • Sound sensing alarm


    I have a terminally ill son that we have on a heart monitor at night, he's been on this for about three years now that he has gotten worse.

    We use a standard baby style monitor but we hear when he's awake, laughing, ect. I would like to build…

  • Home ceiling light remote control


    I built a remote control based on 2 Xbee S1. One, the transmitter is powered on batteries (pin sleep mode) with 4 switches.

    The other one is powered by 12 V (via a LM117 T3.3) and operate the main power panel relays at 24 V through  TIP120 transistors…

  • Wireless HDMI

    HI Ben,

    I just recently purchased a mini-projector, and i thought it would be cool to use as a screen for either a laptop or a raspberry Pi.

    my idea is this. Chrome Cast allows you to project your screen to a tv or HDMI enabled receiver however you have…


    Hello Ben,

    My name Benny and i watch all of your videos.I am interested in tech stuffs .Well this project came to my mind when i saw people who are not able to speak needs a voice.Then i saw there was a machine made named UNI which did the same functionality…

  • Sign Language to Speech transalator

    FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE DEAF AND DUMB THEIR SIGN LANGUAGE CAN BE RECOGNISED AND CONVERTED INTO SPEECH.Using tech like leap motion for motion capture and custom speech generator application .

  • Xbox One Chatpad

    Hey Ben,

         I absolutely loved the Xbox 360 chatpad, but I have switched to an Xbox One. and they do not have one yet.... or really any plans to release one that I am aware of. I was wondering if you could get the chatpad hooked up with the XB1 controller…

  • beer/soda dispenser

    can you come up with a design for a soda/beer dispenser that i can easily control with the raspberry pi,

    i want to have a button over wifi with wich i can dispense a beer/soda i would also like if i could make a webpage secured with a password

    wich hooks…

  • Wearable Multi-purpose tool

    Ben, I think you should build a wearable multi purpose tool that can cycle through different tools like a glue gun, screw driver soldering tool. Also make it so you can wear it on your hand so you don't lose any tools or don't have time or the extra hand…

  • Controllers for 6 year olds, Xbox360 (accessibility/controller)

    Dear Ben Heck Show,


    Would you be able to help me out? My daughter is 6 years old and wanted to play videogames on the xbox 360 with me, but wasn't able to hold the controller. I remember when I was growing up the controllers were smaller so children could…

  • Windows capacitive stylus with pressure sensitivity HELP!!!

    Hi ben.

    I am a fan of your show and your builds are awesome!

    I am a graphic illustrator and I always work in digital format I love using my old cintiq but it's bulky and requires for laptop for on-the-go work art. Of course there are products that provides…

  • STOP sign

    How to convert a STOP sign into a safety device for night time use.



    Lighting outline [case lighting?]

    battery source



    Safety Issues?

  • Playstation 1 Portable

    Hey there my name is Marco and i have an idea for you to build something i heard you like those challanges and i have an awsome idea i like this channel and i want to see you building a Playstation 1 portable what do you think about this

  • Kid Friendly desktop

    Ben should build a desktop specially designed for kids software and design wise.

    Its main focus should be comfort because kids get uncomfortable with normal keyboards and screens.



    Message was altered by: Nayab W for flow of sentences and line…

  • foot pedals used with hand

    Hello! I'm Paul and I was born with a locomotory disability: basically I cannot use my legs normal. I want to ask u guys if u can help me with a mod for a cheap driving wheel  like Logitech GT Gaming Wheel to make foot pedals can be used with 1 hand…

  • desktop lap montor keybord mouse combo

    hi i would like to suggest a build that make it so you dont need a laptop but you can sit on your suite with you midi tower, full tower or even a itx tower at the side of you with one cable that feeds power and hdmi aswell as usb for a keyboard and mouse…

  • Keurig Coffee Machine+IoT

    I would really like to see a Keurig Coffee Machine tear down and possibly modified to be controlled via WiFi and/or BTLE. Thank you Ben Heck and team for a great show. And Element14 for making it possible.

  • Multi device gaming table for quadriplegic gamer

    Hi dear Ben Heck Show team,


    im a passionate gamer since i was 6 (32 now) on pc and consoles, but after a car accident in 2006 i have a cross section palsy and therefor i cant move my fingers anymore.

    I was able to compensate this on my pc with a trackball…