• Modernize a GBA

    So, the Game Boy Advance came out in 2001, and is notorious for having a bad LCD screen, as it doesn't have a backlight. It wasn't until 2005 that they finally released a model with one.

    But I was thinking that the original GBA (which has a great…

  • Gaming Tablet?

    Make a tablet running Windows 8.1 for portable gaming. And maybe a geforce gpu?

  • Next gen arcade cabinet

    I Was thinking yyou could make an arcade cabinet out of a ps4, Xbox on, or a Wii u. Thanks for reading.

  • Restoring a PS One (Audio issues)

    Hello everyone


    With a hit of nostalgia I just brought back from the death my PS One (SCPH-101)


    After powering it on, I have video and audio, the Sony logo effect plays nicely on boot, in-game fmv also plays nice but all the

    in-game music/sound effects (title…

  • SNES won't power on... chance for recovery?

    Hi everyone,


    I posted this in /r/SNES and got no useful help, so I figured I'd come here because I'm assuming people in this forum know at least a little more about electronics...


    Anyways, I bought two SNES units for the low low price of $20. One…

  • "Instant-on/off" retro emulator on the Pi. Feasible?

    Long boot times have always bothered me. Having to wait for shut downs is also very annoying.

    So I was thinking if it would be possible to make an instant-on emulator on the Pi, so that the experience would be exactly like turning on (and off) an old gaming…

  • Custom Project

    Hi, just wondering, if its possible to male, from scratch a dual-screen vita-like gaming console. Basically in the shape of a vita, but not truly a vita. I'm looking to make something I. That shape that is essentially a gaming laptop, in terms of speed…

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  • Portable Consoles

    Good Morning Sir/Ma'am,


    I would like to make several portable consoles inside pelican cases for my fellow co-workers who deploy. I got the idea after seen your show, but I do not have the skills or resources to pull it off; I am hoping that you and…

  • Could Ben possibly make old handhelds more power efficient?

    Like the Game Boy and the Game Gear for instance, which are known for consuming batteries like crazy.

  • arcade interactive sculpture

    Hi i am an artist and i had a wonderful idea for an interactive sculpture but i have little experience with electronics so im wondering if someone could help give some advice. theres a bit of an explanation so hold tight. i watch a lot of lets play gaming…

  • Steering wheel

    Hi ben


    ik have a idea for you to build a steering wheel that can be used for the PC to play games with it.

    i hope that you do a episode about the idea.



  • Ruggedized Xbox one

    I'm relatively new to the modified console build series, and I didn't see many on the xbox one. Can you make a case with an xbox one, and LCD screen and a clean an efficient way to keep it cool while keeping the case somewhat slim?

  • Raspberry pi arcade machine

    I Think it would be awesome if you could make a raspberry pi arcade machine not a full sized cabinet just a mini one that you could put on a table

  • PS4 Laptop

    Dear Ben,


    Hi, Ben, this is Josh. I was wondering if next time you could build a Playstation 4 laptop that you can take on the go. It'd be really cool if it had an awesome design on it as well. Thanks for considering!



    Joshua Frias (free-us)

  • The SNES CD

    Hi Ben


    big fan of your youtube channel but i think you are missing a challenge for you since you new videos were pretty safe.

    your mission to build  and snes cd using the expansion port at the bottom of the and snes make it has good as the playstation and…

  • Ps3 controller plus android phone mini console

    Why not combine the two into a portable console?

  • Custom car stereo build...

    Here's a challenge for you Mr. Heck!! I want to get a "smart" double din stereo, but they want about $1,500.00+! I could build my own mini-PC for cheaper!! I have a 2015 Camaro, and the MyLink factory option is waaaay over priced and an aftermarket option…

  • xbox 360 wireless power supply

    can you make xbox 360 wireless power supply plz i hope you will i am wait for it

  • DIY Xbox Controller from scratch

    Please show us yourself building your own XB controller. Do add your own twist.

  • game drum sets

    i have an old ps2 drum set and a usb midi controller without keys. and i want to merge the two. so far not much luck. i can make the controller send signals by crossing pins that used to go to keys. but i can't figure out how to wire the trigger from…

  • I need help

    I’m study computer science in university of Jordan , I have project about tracking system of cameras

    This about where is exactly cameras and find it.

    I need help

  • Raspberry PI Tablet (PiPad)



    After looking around on the internet I saw tons of cool raspberry pi projects but none of them were really mobile. So after doing some thinking I was wondering if you could maybe build a raspberry pi tablet. One that is like a iPad but better. Maybe…

  • Portable Nintendo

    Hi Ben,

    I have been watching your show for a while now and I love it. Especially your portable console series'. I myself an am inspiring hacker but I don't have much money or time or (most importantly) knowledge. That being said knowledge is probably the…

  • PlayStation 1 - Slot loading disc reader



    I would really love to see a PS1 with a slot loading cd-r reader. I have seen it done before once on youtube, however with no instructions on how to build it, I would love to see how you would go about it.



           - Harry