• Mod a Light strike lasergun

    Hey element14 (Ben Heck),


    It would be nice if you can open and mod a light strike assault lasergun. For example: a bluetooth model so you can get the score on a computer, a LED display so you can see the exact ammo of your gun,...


    This is what i mean :…

  • Custom Project

    Hi, just wondering, if its possible to male, from scratch a dual-screen vita-like gaming console. Basically in the shape of a vita, but not truly a vita. I'm looking to make something I. That shape that is essentially a gaming laptop, in terms of speed…

  • Prize claw machine

    Hi Ben,

    it would be nice, if you would build a prize claw machine! I've got several replies under your portable pinball machine video and i think, that this would be an interesting build.

  • Rotary Tool as rc motor

    Ok so big fan of the show and i am subscribed to your channel on you tube. i have more of a request for assistance on something i am building. i intended on using a rotary tool as an rc boat motor. i need help on how to go about controlling the motor…

  • A multitasking frontpanel for a worktable

    A multitasking front panel for a worktable. With NFC phone charging and 12v output. Why not a USB 2.0 output so you can use a usb fridge in ur vids or why not test a controller if it even works or stuff like that. A multitasking frontpanel could have…

  • Challenge

    Make a learning AI (put the AI code onto a text doc) and put the AI code into a robot

  • I need help

    I’m study computer science in university of Jordan , I have project about tracking system of cameras

    This about where is exactly cameras and find it.

    I need help

  • Vhs to cd converter

    Hello Ben, can't you make a machine that converts vhs tapes to cd,i know that sort of exist but with them you first have to have a vhs that you hook up to a computer etc, i mean a all in one kit.

  • Raspberry PI Tablet (PiPad)



    After looking around on the internet I saw tons of cool raspberry pi projects but none of them were really mobile. So after doing some thinking I was wondering if you could maybe build a raspberry pi tablet. One that is like a iPad but better. Maybe…

  • Robot arm

    Hi Ben


    I have followed your show for a while and I like it. I have a suggestion for a project see this link.FabLab RUC


    I am considering making one myself in the fall.


    Br Dennis

  • Portable plug able wireless touc

    IT would be cool if you could build a portable Touch screen that plugs into a computer like a wireless mouse and you can use your computer on the touch screen

  • Raspberry CNC

    I have plans for building a CNC router down the road and was planning on using a Raspberry PI/Arduino Combo for controlling the CNC and be able to access it via web browser as well as a TFT touch screen with GUI for manual controls to hopefully be built…

  • Earth Day - Mobile Presence Device

    A project I have been considering, is a "Mobile Presence Device" for one of the remote team members on my team at work. (to cut down on travel?!?)  My thought was to use an inexpensive android tablet running Skype mounted on a web controlled…

  • automatic dogfeeder

    can you build an timed dog feeder

  • DC Motors

    To Ben,


    I was recently taking apart some DC motors and I saw how simple the wiring inside really was. I even thought that I could make one but it didn't work when I tried. So I thought I would see if you could.


    Thank You

    James Conway

  • Extention to the PCB Series - FlexPCB

    Hey Ben,


    I really like your show, specially where you get into manufacturing stuff (not the Nth portable, but rather showing off 3D printer techniques or tips and electronics stuff like the bench top power supply or the PCB series).


    I thought it would be…

  • The "Thing" from adams family

    recreate the "thing" in the show Adams Family.  A robotic hand that walks around and can do certain things like wave fingers wen it detects somebody etc.  Maybe responds to voice commands?

  • radio astronomy

    I am an avid amateur astronomer, and was wondering if one could make a radio astronomy something simple and easy to build. Thank you for your time

  • (h)Air filter for a pc

    Dear Ben,


    As a cat lover, my biggest issue with keeping my electronics happy is keeping hair out of them.  The problem is whatever allows air in, allows hair in.  Is there a way to trick the air to come in without the hair?  Similar to one of those rain gutters…

  • Stuff from old scanners.

    Hi i enjoyed watching the episode about that printer, would like to see how to build up a laser engraving system, build up with parts from old dvd-drives / scanners, the lights from the scanner should be usable to buildup a small lightbred (like the thing…

  • automatic beer bottle opener

    maybe, you can make an automatic beer bottle opener, that you could place over the top of a beer bottle and it will open it and maybe spit out the lid part.

  • Jewelry vending machine

    I am paralyzed and am wanting to sale jewelry, but being paralyzed I can only work very part-time and have issues with accessibility. I tell you this because with your abilities I feel like you may be able to assist me in making my store a reality. I…

  • Automatic Follow for Camera

    Hi Ben. How about a Pan/Tilt tripod head, that tracks to an armband or necklace transmitter, or some other item the person wears. Say for example you have a person on stage walking around speaking. It will let a camera follow them (perhaps using heavily…

  • Treadmill Desk

         Treadmill desks are bulky, expensive, and look like retirement home mobility robots.  I'd like to see a treadmill desk made by hacking a cheap, second-hand treadmill into an affordable and functional alternative.  Make one of those please!

  • Camera stabilizer

    I've noticed (after watching almost every BHS episode) that in some shots the camera shakes quite a bit. So, to avoid using de-shaking software (which sucks anyway) what better than a steadicam-like camera stabilizer for the camera person?