• Portable Atari 7800

    Hi Ben, I'm John. I am one of you're biggest fans and I've watched just about all you're videos and I really like Atari. So when you made a remake of you're Atari portable I was really happy, but it was only the 2600 so if you made a portable Atari 7800…

  • Volvo telescoping GPS hack...

    I have a 2004 Volvo XC70, it has a GPS system built in... I would rather use it as a media / music system / GPS etc.. Below is a link that someone started, but I think you & your team might be better at this... I am really new (trying to get started)…

  • ArmNote

    Hello,my name is Eduardo Rodriguez  and I will like to know if you can do a keyboard attach to the arm, and a mouse on two fingers or finger touch to the keyboard so it could be used by bluetooth with a phone and computer.

    (I had the idea for my class of…

  • VOIP to GSM gateway using Raspberry pi

    Hi Ben,


    I'm a fan of your work and show  . I was wondering if you could bulk this and maybe improve it a bit.

    This will be very useful for people who are living away from their country and want to avoid ridiculous international call chargers.



  • RC/pet/ect Locator


    Can you do a build on a simple cheap locator that dont require permanent or a large power supply ?


    Like a smart way of locating a lost rc drone

  • Ways to repurpose an old portable dvd player

    Ben, for your next build you should try to find an old portable dvd player and hack it into something much more interesting (raspi monitor, portable console, etc.)

    As for the model, just a suggestion, Curtis dv8007c  . Might be a bit of a challenge with…

  • Repurposed Tablet Motherboard

    I have a table motherboard without touch-screen and batteries. Thinking if you can build something to repurpose this motherboard. Ty.

  • Can you make a pulse laser gun?

    Good afternoon. I just found your yt channel by searching on how to make a 3d printer. Nice job.

    Can you make a pulse laser gun? And print the frame of the gun with the suitcase 3d printer you made. I recently saw on youtube a german guy that made such…

  • Internet surfing TI - 83

    The idea here is to combine a TI 83 (or 84 or something similar) with a device that can surf the web via wifi. I would think the process would be to replace the screen with a full color screen, and add a micro chip inside the calculator unit that can…

  • Dual screen laptop with slide out keyboard

    Dual touchscreen laptop probably running windows with a slide out keyboard.  Have it so the top screen can detach and be used as a stand alone tablet with a USB 3.1 type C connector on the side.

  • Portable gamecube or semi-portable ps2

    Paystation 2's are very bulky and it be a challenge to make it portable. It would impress me so much if you manage to make it into a portable. The console has such a huge library! The Gamecube has been made into a portable by others but I feel that you…

  • Fuzz box guitar pedal?

    The DIY guitar pedal community is a strong one! I love to see Ben solder up a fuzz pedal from perfboard or etch a pcb form an online layout!

    It would be awesome to see him tackle somethign audio related where sound and tone are important rather than just…

  • game cube

    I have see you build portable like ps2, xbox 360, and lot of other portable systems but not a game cube the best part of the build is the GC can run of 12v right from the power leads from the mother bored .there are a lot of info online about this. hope…

  • beagle bone black

    i would like to see a portable beaglebone black console.

    Although I'm currently working on a similar project, I  would like to see one done to add some inspiration for my build.

  • Raspberry Pi Laptop

    There are many notebook computers available from AliBaba that are very cheap (under $100). Would it be possible to gut one and replace the motherboard with a Raspberry Pi (perhaps new version 2)?

  • Raspberry Pi laptop

    To Ben,


    Hi! I've been watching your show for a while now, and have loved your raspberry pi builds, they have been great.

    Also, I've recently gotten a raspberry pi of my own and am interested in in using my pi to make some more

    interactive projects…

  • Build Suggestion - Rasberry Pi Portable system

    Build a Rasbery Pi portable laptop, something the size of a Nintendo 3DS perhaps, with wifi, and running on ubuntu. I think it would be a cool device to playwith...

  • Raspberry Pi SDR

    My father is really big into HAM radio (QRZ Callsign Database Search by QRZ.COM and then searching for his call sign:  NZ5E).  I'm always looking for ways to support his hobby.  He has really been wanting to buy a SDR, but the majority of them are just…

  • any idea on a proable gaming console?

    Greetings everyone.


    I know that nowadays it's really convenient to play games on the cell phones or tablets, but I do think a D-pad or a joystick is the right way to enjoy game.

    And yes, there are controllers made for this purpose, but it's not as portable…

  • portable rasbery pi mini

    The rasbery pi mini could be 2-3x smaller than the regular portable pi

  • 8085 based computer like apple 1

    Hi, I'm very new to this community. I've been impressed by the apple 1 project did by Ben. He used an 8 bit processor for that. Recently, I've gone through the architecture of Intel 8085. Its very easy to learn and use. 8085 being an 8 bit processor,…

  • QuadCopter Mod

    Hi, I have spent some time looking for a camera to mount to the underside of a quadcopter, i can't find anything, i was thinking about reusing a webcam from a laptop to record "on the fly", but am unsure as to how to go about it, what i want is a very…

  • Big Gameboy Advance

    Make a Gameboy Advance with a 5 inch screen.  Make it to where it will play both Gameboy originals,  Gameboy color,  and Gameboy advance if possible. Use the current WIIU controller as a suggested layout or size would be ideal. Also a rechargeable battery…

  • C64 Portable

    I know Ben made a c64 Laptop years ago before the Ben Heck Show.Maybe you could use a C64 DTV,Its a c64 that built into a joystick,but you know that cos your friend is Jeri..lol I would love it it done as I am a c64 fan.

  • Comunication and portable raspberry pi or dog bone in one

    I would like to know if it is posible and how to make something like this, but at this time I don't have the recources to do so