• Electro magnets / metal detecor

    hey i am 16 and from the uk i love the ben heck show and it would mean so much and inspire me if my suggestion was considered...

    i have a old radio shack metal detector and it would be cool if ben got a cheap metal detector and made a mini computer on…

  • Nintendo Advance SP / Own mobile console

    Couple weeks ago my friend found an old Nintendo Advance SP (Zelda Version). I thought:

    ,,Can I make my own one? Or a custom  mobile console which can handle some 3ds and Advance games.

    I don't like the 3ds desgin."It's price also shocked me. So i think…

  • Smartphone Charger

    Can you hack your battery charger circuit and make a complete portable charger for smartphones&co?

  • Ps4 Portable

    It would be cool to watch ben heck tear down a ps4 and shrink it down and make it a laptop         

  • a pinball case for my tab

    hi ben i wonder if you have or can make a tutorial on how to make a pinball case for my samsung tab 2 10.0 i play zen pinball

    but im sick of pushing on the screen and with buttons on the side it may feel like e real pinball machine ty tbhs is the best

  • Build Suggestion - presence bot (ala the one on the big bang theory)

    Hey Ben, Can you build a presence bot, actually i'd like to build one but only after

    i see you go through it..



  • STOP sign

    How to convert a STOP sign into a safety device for night time use.



    Lighting outline [case lighting?]

    battery source



    Safety Issues?

  • Security annunciator

    A security device that lets you know when someone arrives [in a car]

    and that can connect to a remote receiver [50+ meters away]




    raspberry pi or arduino

    laser beam





    raspberry pi or arduino



  • Combination Gameboy and 3ds

    Hi Ben,


    Would it be possible to build a combination of all previous nintendo handheld consoles into one console? This would allow a device to play all versions/generations of pokemon which would be awesome.




  • I would like to see a raspberry pi portable specificly for n64 gaming

    Hi I am a younger gamer and want to be a engineer but I can't find anyone who knows how to so the basic computer skills that I am looking for. Ben I would like your help! I have been trying to learn the basics to circuitry and soldering and I'm not doing…

  • Raspberry PI Computer

    Can you make this Raspberry Pi computer?


  • Build Suggestion - Portable and Interchangable 3D Printer/CNC Router Build

    Hello Ben and Team!


    I thought this might be an interesting build. Since both tools respond to both X and Y coordinates, it seems reasonable that with some engineering you could create a a tool to do both extrusion printing and cnc routing, maybe using…

  • XBOX One/Xbox 360 laptop

    Hey. The xbox one tablet you built recently was nice, but I would like to see an xbox one/xbox 360 laptop because the xbox one has the hdmi pass through and there should be an xbox laptop that can play both xbox 360/xbox games and xbox one games. all…

  • Portable GameCube/wii

    ben should make a portable GameCub/wii laptop using a wiikey fusion so games can be loaded from an sd card to save space

  • Binary wall/wrist clock/watch

    I am a freshman at my community college in industrial electronics. I have recently started my own project creating a Binary clock that is simply plugged into the wall. But I am even more interested in creating a Binary wrist watch. I would love for you…

  • Playstation 1 Portable

    Hey there my name is Marco and i have an idea for you to build something i heard you like those challanges and i have an awsome idea i like this channel and i want to see you building a Playstation 1 portable what do you think about this

  • Portable street fighter

    I have been looking for a way to play the street fighter games and I thought it would be fun to play on the plane because I travel a lot. Also it would be cool to be able to play 2 player if you have two.

  • Portable PS4



    I am a huge fan of the Ps4...more than the xbox one. However, I've always wanted a portable gaming rig, like Alienware and what not, but those are way out of my budget range. As the PS4 is more cost sufficient, It would be nice if you guys could build…

  • Giant Game boy Color - Ayuda-help

    Hola,   estoy en un proyecto el cual deseo crear un game boy color gigante y mi idea es lograr usar una placa de game boy color original.

    realice un diseño en fusion 360 y con mi impresora 3d ( tiene buen tamaño) y lo estoy imprimiendo de a partes.


  • i would like to make a computer using an xbox,will,and xbox1 and make them all compatable, into one huge gaming computer.

    Hi my name is Ricky, and i would like to build my own gaming computer combing four systems. I have an xbox 360, xbox origional, a wii, and a origional nintendo.

    what can i do. i am new to doing this and want to make an awesome gaming system, with outragious…

  • The Drone

    A drone that picks up any thing in its path.

  • Bluetooth portable cassette player

    Hey Ben Heck Show, I love my retro tech. However there is one thing I simply can't go back to and that is wired headphones. They are a constant annoyance, always getting caught up on something when moving around ( I get to listen to music while at work…

  • Transform an Nvidia Shield TV into a portable!

    Not to be confused with the Nvidia Shield Portable. With the power of the Nvidia Shield TV you can emulate GCN and Wii games and more.

  • Handheld Oscilloscope

    Repurpose a table screen  to build an Oscilloscope using an USB oscilloscope board as SainSmart DDS120

  • PSP Raspberry Pi Zero W portable gaming

         I was thinking that it would be a great idea to find a PSP 1000, 1001, or 3000, use a Raspberry Pi Zero W loaded with gaming emulator and create a portable gaming system. You could reuse the PSP shell, screen, power supply, and buttons.