• Beaglesynth

    So I have this MiDi Controller http://alesis.com/vortex

    I would absolutely love to be able to connect it to a BeagleBone black and have that interpret what I'm pressing and output audio rather than having to connect it to my computer and run ableton.…

  • i have a great challenge for you

    i have an old screen for this challenge, and it might work. the challenge is to make the ouya pocket sized. are you up to the challenge?

  • raspberry pi style i pod touch (pi pod)

    Ok I have been watching Ben's raspberry pi builds and i think a great project would be to build a raspberry pi style i pod touch (pi pod).

    It should have a 3.5 inch touch screen display, maby a custom OS for music, movies gaming Minecraft etc .


  • Rasberry pi projects

    Ben i Whould like to know a bunch of Projects for the new rasberry pi model B+




    Thank You

  • Universal Smart HUB for Zigbee sensors and IFTTT capabilities?

    Hi everybody,

    I was wondering if we can build an open smart home hub to use sensors from multiple vendors.

    There is already a similar project but it's based on IFTTT, thus requiring internet connectivity and it can support only a few techs.

    My idea is…

  • Portable (-ish) Solar Briefcase!

    I was scrolling through a bunch of car part shops websites for a high power solar panel (or two) and a good inverter. When I thought " What would Ben Heck do?" , so I was wondering if you go design and build a briefcase/suitcase which has 2 high power…

  • DIY Google glass AKA the Heck Spec's

    Hey ben


    Thought the feed could do with yet another build idea, so really the clue is in the title, DIY heads up display wearable like the google glass, just a proof of concept with a few basic features to see what is possible DIY anyway.





  • Combination Gameboy and 3ds

    Hi Ben,


    Would it be possible to build a combination of all previous nintendo handheld consoles into one console? This would allow a device to play all versions/generations of pokemon which would be awesome.




  • Build Suggestion - desktop laser cutter/engraver...

    Hi Ben,

    My suggestion of building a desktop version of a laser cutter/ engraver, i something portable that can have a build area of somewhere in the neighborhood of 18"x24" max. with the possibility of expanding it. also using materials that can be acquired…

  • Building ideas

    How about a mp3 or mp4 player?

  • Cheap continues rotation servo's for CNC aplication

    I have a lots of powerfull DC motors lying around ,and  had made 180degre's servo out of them (car windscreen wiper motor) , I was wondering is there a fast and accurate way to make then into continues rotation servos ?

    tried homemade solution whith…

  • Kid Friendly desktop

    Ben should build a desktop specially designed for kids software and design wise.

    Its main focus should be comfort because kids get uncomfortable with normal keyboards and screens.



    Message was altered by: Nayab W for flow of sentences and line…

  • Restoring old Game Systems/Cartridges

    I loved watching the restoration of the atari-landfill Asteroids-Cartridge, but it´s just a brief describtion of what was done.

    I suggest making a whole episode on how to restore old cartridges/Systems.

    Like restoring copper traces,

    how to savely remove…

  • Controller from Original Xbox to Xbox 360

    Hey Ben, I have a have a suggestion for a build. I bought an Original Xbox controller from the thrift store. I don't have an Original Xbox, but when I saw this amazing Radica Gamester fps Master pistol controller, I had to buy it. I was wondering…

  • Cortana SmarWatch

    Sugiro para o Ben Heck Show a construção de um smartwatch em AVR ou arduino que interaja com a Cortana do WP 8.1 .

  • Audio Switch - Annoyed switchin your headset- and speaker cables?

    Annoyed switchin headset and speakercables place?



    A box where you put your headset and speaker cable and there is a switch on the box so you can switch around your cables.

    = Sound splitter with switch


    Hi Ben! Today I was annoyed switching around…

  • 3D printer fails recycler

    Hey Ben my name is Denis and that's my idea

    (sorry for my english i normally speak french i'm from Belgium)


    Can you build a machine who works like an hot glue gun but you put alls your fails 3D prints in it and he breaks it, heats like a hot glue…

  • Android Device Charge Automatic Control with Relay

    Hi guys,


    maybe some of you here makes kiosks for something useful to a company and other stuffs


    of course using an android device on a kiosk really needs power and android devices dont work without its battery


    my idea is an android device sending to a computer…

  • Arduino Oscilloscope with Processing.

    Hi, I think this would be a highly useful build for those viewers on a budget. Not all of us have the ability to buy a oscilloscope so I think this would be replicated by a lot of people. It would run a processing sketch that would display a few different…

  • New console mod

    Dear Ben,

    I was wondering if you could take a regular PS4 and turn it into a portable laptop. I like to take my gaming on the go, so it helps if I can take my PlayStation on the go as well. Thanks. You're the man, Ben!



    Josh Frias


    P.S. I do…

  • PC to any game controller

    It would be really nice to have a usb to usb and xbox controller and ps2 controller or sony controller. I know its possible to make the PC see a device as a keyboard or mouse but would like to make it possible to use any controller as wasd or up arrow…

  • PS3 controller to work on PS4 console

    Hi I'm Jeffrey Morrish i have muscular dystrophy and have very limited movement in my arms and hands. I currently play a PS3 but am not able to advance to a PS4 due to the difference in the controllers. The PS4 controller is bigger and wider than…

  • Portable LiPo powered AC box / car jump pack

    Hello this is my first post here (be nice). My idea is for a current demand at work. Power outlets are far and few, we have and use a lot of ac tools. Forcing us to have very, very long cords. I envision a box a little bigger then A tackle box, with the…

  • The awesome build

    Ben I would like you to build a PC with  all of the feathers you would expect like a good moniter  and could you put a raspberry pi in to run mame to the same moniter

  • Build Suggestion: "Headless" computer/server mobile console (Display+Keys+trackpad)

    I have several headless computer machines that I routinely have to plug into a monitor and keyboard in order to test configurations and hardware setup. It has become very tiresome to always be dragging these machines over to my desk and plugging them…