• Braille Smart Device-Reader with Scrolling Cursor

    Recently came across an idea for a Braille Ereader, that instead of a tablet form with full pages of braille, it has one or two cells of Braille under the users finger, then uses some sort of scrolling mechanism to be able to navigate a "page" of text…

  • Universal controller

    Can you make a controller which can work on xbox 360, xbox 1, ps 3 , ps 4 and also pc like a universal controller to consoles

  • 3D Printer, CNC, Lasercutter All in one

    I want to be able to build an All in one machine to be able to 3d print, mill, and maybe laser cut (but its not 100% needed since the cnc can do most of the work). I have use for all 3 so I thought why not combine them?

    I was thinking it would have interchangeable…

  • Ethernet RJ45 to Wi-Fi dongle possible



    Is an Ethernet RJ45 borad mounted jack to Wi-Fi dongle possible? If so; is there a way to build one if it is even worth it? This would really help with for  example Raspberry-pi.




    Alex C.

  • Universal Smart HUB for Zigbee sensors and IFTTT capabilities?

    Hi everybody,

    I was wondering if we can build an open smart home hub to use sensors from multiple vendors.

    There is already a similar project but it's based on IFTTT, thus requiring internet connectivity and it can support only a few techs.

    My idea is…

  • Combination Gameboy and 3ds

    Hi Ben,


    Would it be possible to build a combination of all previous nintendo handheld consoles into one console? This would allow a device to play all versions/generations of pokemon which would be awesome.




  • Maglev Technology


    I have looked into Maglev in the past but one of the things I saw long ago used a freezing element which seemed silly and not worth the effort to reproduce. 

    I would like to see if you and your team might like to put together some things involving…

  • Controller from Original Xbox to Xbox 360

    Hey Ben, I have a have a suggestion for a build. I bought an Original Xbox controller from the thrift store. I don't have an Original Xbox, but when I saw this amazing Radica Gamester fps Master pistol controller, I had to buy it. I was wondering…

  • Build Idea: A soldering iron that extrudes it's own solder

    The lack of extra hands is always very frustrating when soldering. Wouldn't it be nice if the soldering iron could extrude solder like the hot end of a 3d printer? You'd press a button on the iron and a small amount of solder would be extruded out of…

  • Cortana SmarWatch

    Sugiro para o Ben Heck Show a construção de um smartwatch em AVR ou arduino que interaja com a Cortana do WP 8.1 .

  • Audio Switch - Annoyed switchin your headset- and speaker cables?

    Annoyed switchin headset and speakercables place?



    A box where you put your headset and speaker cable and there is a switch on the box so you can switch around your cables.

    = Sound splitter with switch


    Hi Ben! Today I was annoyed switching around…

  • Best gaming/entertainment combination (desk?) EVER.

    Hi Ben, I had a brilliant idea about a gaming system mod. It involves Xbox 360 to the Xbox One (NOT original xbox) PS3 + PS4, a watercooling system (who needs air cooling?) and a (sort of) beefy gaming PC setup.

    I think that this is very cool, in the…

  • A portable re-design. (Sega Nomad)

    Hey Ben, I know it hasn't been too long since the last portable you made (ZX Spectrum), however I was kind of waxing nostalgic since the recent birth of my son.  When I was a little tyke one of the portable systems I owned was a Sega Nomad.  A system…

  • UDOO/Raspberry Pi Android Tablet

    I would like to see an android tablet using the UDOO board or raspberry pi as the brains of the operation. As far as performance goes, android on the pi is very slow as well as outdated and android on the UDOO runs decent enough as well as a newer version…

  • Combo Small CNC/ DragCutter/ BlueRay cutter-Etcher with Repurpose parts

    I've started to watch TBHS las year and had the delight of watching multiple shows per day, I trully love  the whole Mod/Create/Repurpose deal, I'm an Electronics & Computer Science engineer from south of the Border and would very much like to see…

  • well  a fusion between tv and ps4

    i had seen while surfing an old sharp nintendo system tv/nintendo combo (circa 1989)  but was wondering if that couldn't be done with an lcd flatscreen with an hdmi output considering the tv will have to be a small one and the tv will have to sit on a…