• self contained mame light gun shooter

    How about building a plug and play as seen on tv style mame light gun shooter. ps making it self contained in the gun "like big buck hunter plug n play game"

  • Build suggestion: 3D printer from electronic junk

    We've seen Ben disassemble a laser printer, building a lightbox/table with old laptop screens, etc. so I was thinking it'd be great if he could grab some more parts, maybe from a recycling center, and build most of an FDM 3D printer from those scraps…

  • DIY Google glass AKA the Heck Spec's

    Hey ben


    Thought the feed could do with yet another build idea, so really the clue is in the title, DIY heads up display wearable like the google glass, just a proof of concept with a few basic features to see what is possible DIY anyway.





  • Combination Gameboy and 3ds

    Hi Ben,


    Would it be possible to build a combination of all previous nintendo handheld consoles into one console? This would allow a device to play all versions/generations of pokemon which would be awesome.




  • XBOX One/Xbox 360 laptop

    Hey. The xbox one tablet you built recently was nice, but I would like to see an xbox one/xbox 360 laptop because the xbox one has the hdmi pass through and there should be an xbox laptop that can play both xbox 360/xbox games and xbox one games. all…

  • Arduino Oscilloscope with Processing.

    Hi, I think this would be a highly useful build for those viewers on a budget. Not all of us have the ability to buy a oscilloscope so I think this would be replicated by a lot of people. It would run a processing sketch that would display a few different…

  • Induction charging pant pocket for your cell phone

    The pants would have a rechargeable battery and when you put our phone in your pocket it would charge it. sounds a little goofy I know but I heard they are trying something similar with a jacket.

  • A Cheap Water Vapor Touch Display Screen (Like Displair)

    I think this would be a good project challenge to be made neat relatively small but functional and help others to develop it further for better usage in the future  . Cheap and clear would be good.

  • Three Viewer Challanges(Most wanted to not as much)

    1. Use an AVR32/Teensy/Netduino to build a mini game console that can run GBA ROMs!

    2. Use a mini tft (178x220/320x240) as a second monitor for Windows!

    3. Build a POV wind turbine. If you want a bigger challenge, load bitmaps from SD card.


    Speak your favourite…