• Modernize a GBA

    So, the Game Boy Advance came out in 2001, and is notorious for having a bad LCD screen, as it doesn't have a backlight. It wasn't until 2005 that they finally released a model with one.

    But I was thinking that the original GBA (which has a great…

  • Gaming Tablet?

    Make a tablet running Windows 8.1 for portable gaming. And maybe a geforce gpu?

  • N64 Portable PSone LED screen displaying static

    I've been having continuous issues with my N64 portable console after a short happened on one of the cells. Before that shortage situation the batteries charged perfectly + the LED screen showed zero static (when charged). I believe that the short also…

  • Custom Project

    Hi, just wondering, if its possible to male, from scratch a dual-screen vita-like gaming console. Basically in the shape of a vita, but not truly a vita. I'm looking to make something I. That shape that is essentially a gaming laptop, in terms of speed…

  • Could Ben possibly make old handhelds more power efficient?

    Like the Game Boy and the Game Gear for instance, which are known for consuming batteries like crazy.

  • Portable (-ish) Solar Briefcase!

    I was scrolling through a bunch of car part shops websites for a high power solar panel (or two) and a good inverter. When I thought " What would Ben Heck do?" , so I was wondering if you go design and build a briefcase/suitcase which has 2 high power…

  • TBHS Behind the Scenes: Ben's Next Portable

    After a few online and in-store attempts, we finally got our hands on a SNES Classic. (Keep your eyes peeled for that teardown video.) Ever since the mini systems came out, we've been getting constant requests to turn the NES Mini or SNES Mini into a…

  • Portable ps4

    Build portable ps4 hat would be awsome

  • portable cinema

    hi Ben i heard you wanted suggestions and i wanted to suggest a portable cinema maybe. so you could have maybe one of those Samsung projects (the mini one that are portable) to connect to you phone to watch movies on the wall and maybe built in sound…

  • Custom car stereo build...

    Here's a challenge for you Mr. Heck!! I want to get a "smart" double din stereo, but they want about $1,500.00+! I could build my own mini-PC for cheaper!! I have a 2015 Camaro, and the MyLink factory option is waaaay over priced and an aftermarket option…

  • Andoid Gaming Console

    I would like you to build an android touch gameboy like that with an apple slim design

  • I need help

    I’m study computer science in university of Jordan , I have project about tracking system of cameras

    This about where is exactly cameras and find it.

    I need help

  • retro

    Can you update an original BBC Micro and make it compete with the new Micro Bit (School Report - From BBC Micro to Micro Bit mini-computer - teenagers test out new gadget).


    I'm an 80's child and can remember the BBC Micro being sat in the corner of the…

  • Chromatic Tuner

    Hi, love the show!

    I wondered if you could build a good quality chromatic tuner for instruments such as guitars. It doesn't have to be small.

    There are a lot on the market but they have the equivalent of an iphone's circuit board in them. Mechanical…

  • Raspberry PI Tablet (PiPad)



    After looking around on the internet I saw tons of cool raspberry pi projects but none of them were really mobile. So after doing some thinking I was wondering if you could maybe build a raspberry pi tablet. One that is like a iPad but better. Maybe…

  • Desktop gaming to laptop build

    hi my name is Henry Schagane i have been looking for someone that has dont something remotely similar to a project i have been trying to do myself so the question is can you take a high-powered desktop ITX motherboard and convert that into a laptop complete…

  • Camera w/ built in radar gun

    HI i love your show, I can't believe I just found it. There are a couple of things I Really would like to see made. Around here, were I live,(Norfolk  Va.) there is a lot police that truely think they are above the law, and recently it's happening…

  • WiiU

    Could you build a fully portable WiiU.

  • Portable NES

    I was wondering if a Portable NES/Famicom could be made on the show.

    This has never really been done before to my knowledge.

    I'm not too sure if the NES can read SD Cards, but if it can, that would be my only recommendation.

  • The Waterproof Audio amplifier

    The Ideas if it is to create 4 ~80W Amplifier segment.

    which power each 1 fix mounted porteble Underwater Speaker.


    Each of them are connection to the next with a Power and a Audio line.

    Like a very long Audio snake.



    Man Mane Is Fabian Lipski.

    Im the founder…

  • DIY external GPU for Laptops

    Two approaches:

    Both approaches will need to use external display instead of the built-in display for the laptop.


    1. Try to find a way to connect a MXM3.0 A/B mobile graphics card board into a laptop that only has mini PCIe slot, expresscard slot.

    2. Try…

  • custom android phone

    what i thought would be cool is to see you build an android phone to improve on the many issues found in any mobile phone such as...


    battery life

    lag due to to many processes

    slow wifi connections


    one big thing is it doesn't half to run service from a phone…

  • raspberry pi-top

    as it sounds a laptop made with multiple raspberry pi's my idea is to make a laptop with a raspberry pi 2 and some raspberry pi 1's, im not sure how it'll work but it sounds cool the idea i had is to have a laptop with a 10in screen that runs on 1 raspberry…

  • Bluetooth  audio adapter.

    Bluetooth audio adapter. Almost  all  radio in cars and home entertainment  come with it .I'm looking for a way to retro fit a USB powered Bluetooth audio  input .basically  concept your phone  ipod ect to the device  and plucked device in audio input .…

  • Portable VCR

    Hello, may i suggest making a portable VHS Player this is something ive always wanted to see built i know its a bit old school

    but i think it would be really handy because alot of people seem to have lotts of videos lying around and i just think it would…