• I need help

    I’m study computer science in university of Jordan , I have project about tracking system of cameras

    This about where is exactly cameras and find it.

    I need help

  • STOP sign

    How to convert a STOP sign into a safety device for night time use.



    Lighting outline [case lighting?]

    battery source



    Safety Issues?

  • Playstation 1 Portable

    Hey there my name is Marco and i have an idea for you to build something i heard you like those challanges and i have an awsome idea i like this channel and i want to see you building a Playstation 1 portable what do you think about this

  • Build idea: Bluetooth hub for connecting to 2 or more bluetooth speakers

    Hi, i was wondering it it wold be possible for say 2 stereo Bluetooth speakers to be connected to a phone/tablet/computer at the same time and used as mono LEFT and RIGHT speakers... Turns out there is no app allowing for such use of Bluetooth speakers…