• Custom Project

    Hi, just wondering, if its possible to male, from scratch a dual-screen vita-like gaming console. Basically in the shape of a vita, but not truly a vita. I'm looking to make something I. That shape that is essentially a gaming laptop, in terms of speed…

  • I need help

    I’m study computer science in university of Jordan , I have project about tracking system of cameras

    This about where is exactly cameras and find it.

    I need help

  • Raspberry PI Tablet (PiPad)



    After looking around on the internet I saw tons of cool raspberry pi projects but none of them were really mobile. So after doing some thinking I was wondering if you could maybe build a raspberry pi tablet. One that is like a iPad but better. Maybe…

  • STOP sign

    How to convert a STOP sign into a safety device for night time use.



    Lighting outline [case lighting?]

    battery source



    Safety Issues?

  • Security annunciator

    A security device that lets you know when someone arrives [in a car]

    and that can connect to a remote receiver [50+ meters away]




    raspberry pi or arduino

    laser beam





    raspberry pi or arduino



  • Build Suggestion - Portable and Interchangable 3D Printer/CNC Router Build

    Hello Ben and Team!


    I thought this might be an interesting build. Since both tools respond to both X and Y coordinates, it seems reasonable that with some engineering you could create a a tool to do both extrusion printing and cnc routing, maybe using…

  • i would like to make a computer using an xbox,will,and xbox1 and make them all compatable, into one huge gaming computer.

    Hi my name is Ricky, and i would like to build my own gaming computer combing four systems. I have an xbox 360, xbox origional, a wii, and a origional nintendo.

    what can i do. i am new to doing this and want to make an awesome gaming system, with outragious…

  • CD/DVD Repair

    Hi does anyone know how to get abrasion marks out of a cd/dvd so it becomes optical clear like  new. Because i have got the scratch out but it has left faint abrasion marks Any Suggestions will be much appreciated.




  • build a retro boom box 80s style from a old ampped dvd 3.1 sound system printedd / laser cut body prtable

    i have an old 3.1 sound system just sitting here. would love some ideas on how to turn it into a big old boom box battry powered fully portable even with a little pi3 action  on it portable retro media centre ?