• Custom Project

    Hi, just wondering, if its possible to male, from scratch a dual-screen vita-like gaming console. Basically in the shape of a vita, but not truly a vita. I'm looking to make something I. That shape that is essentially a gaming laptop, in terms of speed…

  • TBHS Behind the Scenes: Ben's Next Portable

    After a few online and in-store attempts, we finally got our hands on a SNES Classic. (Keep your eyes peeled for that teardown video.) Ever since the mini systems came out, we've been getting constant requests to turn the NES Mini or SNES Mini into a…

  • Custom car stereo build...

    Here's a challenge for you Mr. Heck!! I want to get a "smart" double din stereo, but they want about $1,500.00+! I could build my own mini-PC for cheaper!! I have a 2015 Camaro, and the MyLink factory option is waaaay over priced and an aftermarket option…

  • I need help

    I’m study computer science in university of Jordan , I have project about tracking system of cameras

    This about where is exactly cameras and find it.

    I need help

  • Raspberry PI Tablet (PiPad)



    After looking around on the internet I saw tons of cool raspberry pi projects but none of them were really mobile. So after doing some thinking I was wondering if you could maybe build a raspberry pi tablet. One that is like a iPad but better. Maybe…

  • any idea on a proable gaming console?

    Greetings everyone.


    I know that nowadays it's really convenient to play games on the cell phones or tablets, but I do think a D-pad or a joystick is the right way to enjoy game.

    And yes, there are controllers made for this purpose, but it's not as portable…

  • Build Suggestion - presence bot (ala the one on the big bang theory)

    Hey Ben, Can you build a presence bot, actually i'd like to build one but only after

    i see you go through it..



  • Security annunciator

    A security device that lets you know when someone arrives [in a car]

    and that can connect to a remote receiver [50+ meters away]




    raspberry pi or arduino

    laser beam





    raspberry pi or arduino



  • I would like to see a raspberry pi portable specificly for n64 gaming

    Hi I am a younger gamer and want to be a engineer but I can't find anyone who knows how to so the basic computer skills that I am looking for. Ben I would like your help! I have been trying to learn the basics to circuitry and soldering and I'm not doing…

  • i would like to make a computer using an xbox,will,and xbox1 and make them all compatable, into one huge gaming computer.

    Hi my name is Ricky, and i would like to build my own gaming computer combing four systems. I have an xbox 360, xbox origional, a wii, and a origional nintendo.

    what can i do. i am new to doing this and want to make an awesome gaming system, with outragious…

  • Idea: HP Journada Modernization

    The other day I came across an old HP Journada 720 pocket computer, and had the idea to try to modernize it somehow.

    The early models are pretty cheap on ebay, around $50 it seems. The early folding ones with the full keyboard, not the PDA types (those…

  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+

    The ZX Spectrum will be rebuild called 'Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+', currently on Indiegogo. The Vega+ is a new low cost hand-held games console with a colour LCD screen and 1,000 licensed games already installed.