• (TRANSCRIPT) The Ben Heck Show - Episode 7: Ben Heck Home Tour

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    In the year 2000,…
  • arcade xbox360

    Hey Ben Heck I got this idea from a dream a racing arcade game with an xbox 360.But you have to put money in it to play the ultimate arcade game.signed Jonah Mendez.

  • 3D printing a 3D printer Show Suggestion

    the price of a 3D printer is still really high. how cheaply could you print as many components as you can and then buy the rest could you make it cost efficient ?

  • Is it possible for a copy of Windows to run on a Raspberry Pi?

    Hello i was wondering if it was possible to run either windows 8 or windows xp on a Raspberry Pi model B 512mb.


    ever since i bought my Raspberry Pi i was always thinking of if my thought would be possible. Being a raspberry Pi it does not have the function…

  • Bluetooth headphone challenge

    I have a challenge for Ben. I have some Skullcandy Aviator headphones. They sound great and have a cool retro look. There's just one problem. The wire. How hard would it be to add a bluetooth reciever in one side and a battery to power it in the other…

  • something fun to build!!

    so i have an idea that Ben can build. as a 15 year old in middle school going on to highschool i have very boring classes or classes with nothing to do. i would like to see Ben mod a gameboy/gameboy advance sp (what i have) to a calculator like a hidden…

  • Show Idea and/or Question: A swim team starter system made with an Arduino

    Hi Ben and/or Element 14 community,

    My local swim team recently had their starting system stolen. They need a replacement soon, but new and even used starting systems are very expensive (used ones range from 250 - 1500 dollars [USD]). I was wondering if…

  • New Building Project idea

    Ben Heck,


    I was wondering if you are able to build your own 'Super-computer' with a high memory capacity, and thats capable of high-speed internet, and a lot of game data.

    If this is possible, i think it would be a great idea to build on 'The Ben…

  • Viewer Challenge- Monster home entertainment unit?


      How about this.  If everyone out there is like me they have a plethera of home entertainment devices cluttering up their living rooms, bedroom, or where ever.  In my living room I have a ps3, xbox 360, wii, and a HTPC.  This problem is BEGGING for a…

  • (TRANSCRIPT) The Ben Heck Show - Episode 12: Ben Builds A Super Fast Can Cooler

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    In the year 2000, Ben Heckendorn built his first mod.
    “Ben: We can…
  • My take on the portable workbench



    Here is my take on the portable workbench:




    the Tinkerstation 101  --- a rigid simple portable workbench for soldering/Testing including a DIY bench power supply.



    The next part to build will…

  • Ben Heck Explains The Hackaday Prize!

    Ben Heck home page
    Ben's Top 5 Lifehacks
    Ben's build kit


    Watch below as Ben Heck from element14's The Ben Heck Show explains and offers tips submissions for The Hackaday Prize!





  • A Roku Portable

    The challenge is to build a Roku portable with the game controller/remote built-in .. and maybe even a "Ben heck show" button for quick access to your videos

  • Peltier cell phone charger

    hey Ben, try and build a Peltier cell phone charger maybe using a cpu heat sink for cold side. a heat sink with candle\s on the hot side and then a 5v regulator attached to a usb plug. Ill leave the details up to you  .

  • I saw a video challenging you to mod a Roku remote and would love to see you take the challenge

    Roku remote add-on

    should be fairly simple you could build a temporary circuit to read the IR output of his TV controller and then use a small micro controller to mimic that with temporary push button switches

    (this post was edited on 5/30/14 to fix link…

  • Project Idea

    I have an idea to hack a coffee machine so that it makes a cup of coffee as the alarm clock goes off. Just thought it could be a cool project!

  • Viewer Challenge: A GameCube Controller for The Wii U

    I love to watch the show Ben and I use to like using the GameCube Controller, but I can’t use it on my Wii U. I know that there are ways to adapted the a controller to be used as a Wii Classic Controller and that is great if you want to play Wii Games…

  • My Home Automation with rPI: Automatically turning the TV on

    Hi Guys,


    So, as a lot of other users, I'm using my rPI as a web server on my little home automation project, I successfully completed two parts of it, and I wanna share one of the features that honestly I wanted most!


    THE PROBLEM: Every time that I…

  • Viewer Challenge - Wii U Tablet

    I saw your one-handed xbox one controller episode, and you said no one asks for wii u mods. I have a wii u, and I love it, but the game pad looks so much like a tablet and games can be played just on it but only in the same room as the console itself…

  • Viewer Challenge- Soldering Station both Hot Air and Pencil types!!!

    Being new to the electronics world on the builders side, instead of the IT and end-user sides, I do not wish and can not seem to justify to my wife the expense of a soldering station, let alone one with hot air! So the obvious choice is to build one and…

  • Viewer Challenge: Coin and Dollar Operated Mountain Dew Fountain.

    I love Mountain Dew. I like to get it out of the fountains at fast food places. I think it would be cool to have a mini one that will work off Coins and Dollars. What I would like it to do is put a certain size of one of three deferent Mountain Dews in…

  • Viewer Challenge: OTA Antenna A/V Web Server

    I have an idea for a viewer challenge.  I would like to see you hack an old HDTV tuner box or an old TV and hook the tuner up to a RaspberryPi or Beagle Bone so that I can watch my over the air tv broadcasts on my smart phone or tablet.  I would like to…

  • Viewer Chalenge: Create a Personal Tracker/Locator with Arduino GPS Shield and GSM Shield

    Ben, I was thinking it would be great if I could combine these 3 devices to create a portable GPS locator for cars, can you do it?


    The combined devices would work like this:


    1. Send a sms text to the device with the word locate, it would then sms txt back…

  • Build idea!

    Hello, Ben!

    I have a challenge for you to build.  Don't you sometimes want to play hide and seek, but you don't have a good (or any) opponent?  I think you should create a device that is able to drive around on the floor inside and avoid objects…