• Need help/inspiration (Possible project for show)

    I was browsing on the Internet a while back and stumbled upon a computer someone took and I guess put on a piece of plywood with some LEDs and made it look real futruristic. I can't remember where I seen it but I figure you could do it a little better…

  • Ben Heck Explains The Hackaday Prize!

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    Watch below as Ben Heck from element14's The Ben Heck Show explains and offers tips submissions for The Hackaday Prize!





  • Viewer Challenge - Recycled Laptop into Tablet.

    I have a build idea I'd like for you to look into. In the spirit of recycling and to bring attention to the tons ans tons of electronic waste that is floooding the world. I'd like for you to take a laptop computer and turn it into a tablet. Using the…

  • PC CPU -> Mobile Phone

    Hello Ben,


    On my desk, there is a Intel Pentium 4 laying around, and I thought: Why not put it into a mobile phone? That's my challenge to you: Can you put a Desktop CPU into a mobile Phone? It would be awesome to know, especially for people like me, who…

  • PS3 Computer

    Dear Ben


    I've seen your videos and how skilled you must be to make such impresive designs. I've seen how you've made an Xbox 360 laptop and I thought that was great. I heard how the US military used PS3 to make a supercomputer. I'm not sure if you'll be…

  • show idea solar tracker

    hey Ben i was wondering if you could do a episode on how to make a solar tracking system I've been trying to figure this out for a long time to help my family get off the grid and be a little more green for some time now. but i just am not to terribly…

  • Episode Idea

    heres an idea since youve already talked about the Raspberry Pi and have Sponsored Rev3 episodes that involved the RPi, how about building a 22 inch laptop using these minimum specs:



    Asus VE228H 21.5-Inch Full-HD LED Monitor with Integrated S…

  • A laptop that you are able to chance the graphics card and processor in

    I have all ways wanted a laptop witch you could change the processor and graphics card. It would be a mix of laptop and stationery Pc. A bit bigger than your average laptop but smaller than your stationery computer. This would mean mixing parts from both…

  • Viewer Challenge: 3DS Circle Pad Pro inside an X-Box controller

    The 3DS Circle Pad Pro is a few months away, but I thought it would be cool to set up the details early.


    Basically, take a 3DS Circle Pad Pro and rewire it inside an X-Box 360 controller.


    If it is at all possible allow the Controller's built in Analog Sticks…

  • Viewer Challenge - Controllable lights.

    Hey ben, Recently found your videos and i love all of them!


    I have a suggestion for you to make. I came up with idea about a month ago but i don't have the knowleadge to make it.



    Idea: Make a box that Can mount to a desk and be able to select, turn…

  • Build Challenge - advanced pick and place

    Hello, Ben, from a fellow Milwaukeean!


    My challenge is to build a circuit board clamping, solder paste dispensing, component placing, hot air reflowing, circuit board moving dream machine.  Here's the steps I'd love to see:


    Robot arm retrieves a…