• arcade xbox360

    Hey Ben Heck I got this idea from a dream a racing arcade game with an xbox 360.But you have to put money in it to play the ultimate arcade game.signed Jonah Mendez.

  • Is it possible for a copy of Windows to run on a Raspberry Pi?

    Hello i was wondering if it was possible to run either windows 8 or windows xp on a Raspberry Pi model B 512mb.


    ever since i bought my Raspberry Pi i was always thinking of if my thought would be possible. Being a raspberry Pi it does not have the function…

  • USB user challange

    Ben. I run 2 complete computers until I can get a cord to connect my laptop to the bigger moniter, But until then I have one external USB mouse.

    I would like to challenge you to build a USB switch.  On one end you plug in the mouse, then it splits into…

  • Show Idea and/or Question: A swim team starter system made with an Arduino

    Hi Ben and/or Element 14 community,

    My local swim team recently had their starting system stolen. They need a replacement soon, but new and even used starting systems are very expensive (used ones range from 250 - 1500 dollars [USD]). I was wondering if…

  • Viewer Challenge- Monster home entertainment unit?


      How about this.  If everyone out there is like me they have a plethera of home entertainment devices cluttering up their living rooms, bedroom, or where ever.  In my living room I have a ps3, xbox 360, wii, and a HTPC.  This problem is BEGGING for a…

  • (TRANSCRIPT) The Ben Heck Show - Episode 13: Return of the Portable Workbench

    The Ben Heck Show is brought to you by element 14, the electronic design community and online store built for engineers and hobbyists alike, join now and the browse the store at element14.com.
    In the year 2000, Ben Heckendorn built his first mod.
  • My take on the portable workbench



    Here is my take on the portable workbench:




    the Tinkerstation 101  --- a rigid simple portable workbench for soldering/Testing including a DIY bench power supply.



    The next part to build will…

  • Ben Heck Explains The Hackaday Prize!

    Ben Heck home page
    Ben's Top 5 Lifehacks
    Ben's build kit


    Watch below as Ben Heck from element14's The Ben Heck Show explains and offers tips submissions for The Hackaday Prize!





  • A Roku Portable

    The challenge is to build a Roku portable with the game controller/remote built-in .. and maybe even a "Ben heck show" button for quick access to your videos

  • Peltier cell phone charger

    hey Ben, try and build a Peltier cell phone charger maybe using a cpu heat sink for cold side. a heat sink with candle\s on the hot side and then a 5v regulator attached to a usb plug. Ill leave the details up to you  .

  • I saw a video challenging you to mod a Roku remote and would love to see you take the challenge

    Roku remote add-on

    should be fairly simple you could build a temporary circuit to read the IR output of his TV controller and then use a small micro controller to mimic that with temporary push button switches

    (this post was edited on 5/30/14 to fix link…

  • Viewer Challenge: A GameCube Controller for The Wii U

    I love to watch the show Ben and I use to like using the GameCube Controller, but I can’t use it on my Wii U. I know that there are ways to adapted the a controller to be used as a Wii Classic Controller and that is great if you want to play Wii Games…

  • Viewer Challenge - Wii U Tablet

    I saw your one-handed xbox one controller episode, and you said no one asks for wii u mods. I have a wii u, and I love it, but the game pad looks so much like a tablet and games can be played just on it but only in the same room as the console itself…

  • Viewer Challenge- Soldering Station both Hot Air and Pencil types!!!

    Being new to the electronics world on the builders side, instead of the IT and end-user sides, I do not wish and can not seem to justify to my wife the expense of a soldering station, let alone one with hot air! So the obvious choice is to build one and…

  • Viewer Challenge: Coin and Dollar Operated Mountain Dew Fountain.

    I love Mountain Dew. I like to get it out of the fountains at fast food places. I think it would be cool to have a mini one that will work off Coins and Dollars. What I would like it to do is put a certain size of one of three deferent Mountain Dews in…

  • Build idea!

    Hello, Ben!

    I have a challenge for you to build.  Don't you sometimes want to play hide and seek, but you don't have a good (or any) opponent?  I think you should create a device that is able to drive around on the floor inside and avoid objects…

  • Viewer Challenge - Retro Punch Card Computer

    I was thinking you could build an old ibm style punch-card reader connected to a microcontroller which could process simple arithmetic instructions, i.e. add, sub, mul, div, sqrt, sq, and maybe an entire assembly language if you had the time. I would…

  • Build Idea

    I have this idea for a real life version of the search and destroy game type from the call of duty series. But using airsoft guns (safety first). What I need is the "bomb", I found a cool alarm clock on amazon here http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BWJ47SY…

  • viewer challenge : an I mac design based Raspberry pi tactil computer

    Hello Ben,


    fiew time ago, I've this reflection : Wath the commun stuff between an I mac and a Raspberry pi ? The symbole of this 2 product is a fruit !


    And I have this idea : why note make a computer based on Rasberry pi, with a nice aluminium case…

  • Viewer Challenge - Game Console

    On many shows you take an mod a video game console. You might make it portable, smaller, faster, or even combine it with something else. My challenge is that you make your own console. You can use parts from other consoles but it would play your own game…

  • Viewer Challenge - Recycled Laptop into Tablet.

    I have a build idea I'd like for you to look into. In the spirit of recycling and to bring attention to the tons ans tons of electronic waste that is floooding the world. I'd like for you to take a laptop computer and turn it into a tablet. Using the…

  • Portable Device: Android smartphone (Raspberry Pi; Ouya)



    This is a viewer challenge for your show. I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago about this idea. You should build an android smartphone from a raspberry pi or from an ouya.


    The ouya is based off of android applications, so the whole android idea…

  • Idea for a Show

    Hello Ben,

                    I have an idea for a show. I was wondering if you could build an interactive whiteboard based on Johnny Chung Lee's idea (Google it) but instead of using a computer as normal would it be possible to use a Raspberry pi. I have been trying to…

  • need help finding the rihgt snsor

    I am the one working on the ping pong table and I have come to a halt. jason721 helped me by showing me inductive technology to try I am at a standstill at trying to figure it out. I don't have much money for any kits to learn how to use it and I have…