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  • SSFG - Simple stupid function generator

    I recently went through this blog postCreating a function generator from an Arduino board that can be programmed by means of a VT100 serial terminal looks a good idea to. After all, it's a very common scenario to have a PC on your workbench and, ...
  • DIY 100kHz VCO - Build & Test

    VCO -- A black box that provides an oscillating electrical signal whose frequency can be controlled by providing DC voltage input to it.Voltage Controlled Oscillators are fairly popular circuits used as subsections in PLLs, Music Synthesizers, Test a…
  • Pico Puffer

    Introducing, the Pico Puffer a high precision capacitance meter. With the name puffer being a fun adaptation of the short-form saying of pico-farads as puffs. My hope for this project is to be able to make a capacitive soil moisture measurement....