For the best experience, make sure that you're using a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Anything you create on your mobile device can be edited and refined on a different device later!

Here are some quick tips for your project:

  • Be sure to tag your project with appropriate keywords!
  • Choose a nice, clear, hi-resolution photo' for your thumbnail
  • Your 'references' are any websites, projects, books or other sources you've used to help you with your project! You can use academic style referencing if you wish.
  • Once you've inserted content, like an image or video, click on the 'box' that appears to customise it further and provide 'alt' text.
  • There should only be 1 (one) category to choose from for this competition.
  • Use Headings as these will create a table of contents
  • In future, the 'history' tab should contain your drafts, until then you should be able to find it via the pencil on the left, keep a bookmark of your project while editing to easily find it later.

If you have any problems, troubles or difficulties, report a problem in Feedback and Support or here.