Designers and manufacturers of electrical products such as automotive (EV), medical devices, defense/aerospace, and consumer appliances must ensure customers can use their equipment safely and that products comply with relevant industry standards.  As a result, they rely on instruments such as hipot testers, ground-bond testers, leakage-current testers, and insulation-resistance testers to ensure their products’ quality and safety.  GW Instek has built a solid reputation in the test and measurement by offering cost-effective best-in-class solutions.  For example, the GPT-12000 Series meets IEC 61010-2-034 design requirements, such as double insulation for input and output voltage, safe output/warning mechanism, post-test discharge mechanism, as well as a safety interlock feature to prevent execution of a test without first closing a specific circuit to ensure user safety during the operation.


In this webinar, Instek will present safety testing; theory, risk, compliance, and regulations requiring dielectric, insulation resistance, ground bond, continuity testing and the benefits of Instek products.


What you will learn by attending:


  • GW Instek Overview
  • Safety Risks & Basic Breakdown Theory
  • Types of Safety Testing
  • Live Demo of RC Withstand Test
  • Regulations and Industries GW Instek Serves
  • GW Instek Safety Tester Product Families




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The Presenter:

Hector Aguilar, Applications Engineer at Instek

Hector has a B.S. in Engineering Technology: Electronics & Computer Science at CSULB.  He has 10+ years experience as a Test & Quality Engineer and 3 Years of experience as an Application’s Engineer.  He is a passionate Audiophile