Sensor technology is evolving at a rapid pace.  We will see sensor innovations which enable applications in virtually every industry, from Healthcare and Automotive to Industrial Automation and Aerospace.  Join the leading manufacturers in the sensing world as they discuss the current trends and future of sensing.  Our panelists will share where the market is going and what is next in sensing. 

 A few of the many items that will be discussed:

  • New technologies in sensing – where do we go from MEMS?
  • What are the coolest sensing applications coming down the line?
  • What new sensors will designed into smart watches?
  • The role of sensor fusion in new product development
  • What applications have the highest growth potential in sensing?

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The Panelists:



David Simpson, Marketing Director Industrial Sensing at Renesas Jeff Fortin, Ph.D., Group Technology Director at Amphenol Sensor Technology Group

Dave Simpson is focused on the growth in sensors and systems that act on our behalf and provide unique opportunities for new products and customer solutions. Over the past years we have worked closely with consumer and industrial applications targeting MEMS based sensors. 

Previous roles have included VP of sales and marketing for Harris Semiconductor as well as co-founder of a $5.5M funded start-up.   Industries experience includes Semiconductor, Software and manufacturing.  

Sensors and corresponding systems will drive global economic growth, improve health of individuals and create unique value to corporations over the next decade.   We look forward to actively participating in this technology shift.

 Jeff Fortin, Group Technology Director for Amphenol Sensor Technology Group (ASTG), is responsible for supporting technology strategy development and implementation for ASTG. This includes tracking sensor technology trends, identifying new applications that require unique sensing solutions, and supporting the ASTG business units in the development of these solutions to bring differentiated value-added products to the market.  

 Jeff has over 25 years of experience in sensor innovation, research and development, sensor physics, MEMS technology, microsensors, and sensing systems. Jeff has lead sensor technology innovation teams within advanced research settings and lead global new product development teams bringing a wide variety of sensor technologies and products to market.

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Arnout Koelewijn, Product Manager Automation and Mobility at Movella

Moderator:  Cliff Ortmeyer, Global Head of Technical and North America Marketing at Newark Electronics

Arnout Koelewijn is the Product Manager for Xsens MTi product line at Movella. He is responsible for the execution of the product strategy as well as product positioning. During his 13-year career at Movella, he has been working with a broad range of customers and applications giving an in-depth background in use cases and application needs. MovellaTm is a global provider of innovative solutions in sensing, capturing, and analyzing movement data. Movella is focused on a bold vision and is dedicated to providing actionable insights for customers and partners to create extraordinary outcomes that move humanity forward. The mission of Movella is to digitize movement so that people can extract meaning and impact positive change by providing intelligent solutions for sensing, capturing, and analyzing motion and states of being.

Cliff Ortmeyer has been with Premier Farnell for 11 years and is focused on new technologies and trends and how they impact the future of developing new markets like IoT, IIoT and AI.  Cliff has worked in the electronics industry for 25+years in a variety of engineering and marketing management positions and has had previous roles at STMicroelectronics and Coilcraft.  Cliff has an electrical engineering degree and holds multiple patents.