Atmel SAMD20Atmel's recently launched SAM D20 lineup is based on the ARM Cortex- M0+ core, setting a new benchmark for flexibility and ease-of-use. It incorporates the best of the features from Atmel AVR micro controller innovations while introducing new peripherals such as the Peripheral Touch controller and new serial communications interfaces.
Atmel's SAM D20 offers the perfect mix of peripherals and performance with extremely low power, making it suitable for high-end applications targeting the 8-/16-bit market and lower end 32-bit MCU market.This webinar provides an overview of the SAMD20 discussing in more depths some of the differentiators such as the Event System, sleepwalking, SERCOM and Peripheral  Touch Controller. Also providing a brief outline of the tools and development environment.
Presenter: Helga Stevenson
Helga Stevenson is Field Marketing Manager of Microcontrollers for the EMEA region at Atmel Corporation since 2013. She is responsible for marketing MCU products including Atmel’s AVR cores and ARM-based Cortex offerings, and capacitive touch-based solutions . She has worked in the semiconductor industry for several years primarily in the MCU and DSP product space. She has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Systems Engineering from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, United Kingdom.