• BBC micro:bit FAQs


    When will the BBC micro:bit be available to purchase?

    The BBC micro:bit is available for UK purchase now from either Farnell element14 or CPC. Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 90 units.


    When will the BBC micro:bit be available to purchase…

  • BBC Micro:Fit Pt. 2

    Hello All,


    I want to apologize for the long lapse between Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, finals have been a handful. But anyways to the content we go!


    Unfortunately it does not look like the Micro:Fit will have a watch/clock component, as I can not find any module for…

  • 10 BBC micro:bit Projects in 10 Days: Day Two - Countdown Timer

    About this project


    This project utilises the BBC micro:bit's input buttons and introduces some more complex commands, giving pupils the opportunity to create a simple countdown timer on their device.


    What you'll need


    1 x BBC micro:bit

    1 x Micro U…

  • BBC micro:bit and Premier Farnell: A Closer Look

    The BBC micro:bit is one of the most ambitious initiatives Premier Farnell has ever been involved with. Working closely alongside the BBC and a number of major global partner corporations, the project is set to ensure that every UK school child has access…