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    Learn about the new micro:bit V2 workshop recording.

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    1x micro:bit, USB cable, battery holder & 2x AAA batteries along with an user guide all in a retail ready pack.

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    Learn about the new micro:bit V2 workshop recording.

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    Meet the upgraded micro:bit V2, now with an added speaker and microphone for out-of-box audio learning.

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    Unlock your students potential with these 6 free Lesson Plans for ZIP Halo for the BBC microbit. Written by a Teacher for Teachers. These resources are classroom ready and designed specifically to help you deliver the curriculum at Key Stage 3, but they…

  • where we can be able to buy Micro:bit

    i tried to find the microbit online to purchase or at least for sample i didn't find

    please help me to get atleast the simulator


    Great news BBC micro:bits are streaming off our production lines as we speak ready for stocking ETA mid July!


    The BBC will have given away 1,000,000 FREE BBC micro:bits in total by tomorrow (31st May) to Year 7 students (age 11-12) in UK schools who applied…