• The Great micro:bit Education Giveaway - Project Highlights


    We recently announced the winners of our Great micro:bit Education Giveaway - in which we distributed 25 micro:bit Club packs to selected educators all over the world…

  • The Great micro:bit Education Giveaway - Winners!



    What a trip it's been! Way back in August we announced that we would be giving away 25 micro:bit Clubmicro:bit Club packs to educators all over the world, to help…

  • Accessory of the Month | Grove Inventor Kit

    Each month, we're going to shine a light on a kit or accessory that you can use to enhance your micro:bit projects. This month our featured product is the Grove Inventor Kit, developed by Seeed Studio.


    What is it?


    The Grove System is a modular, standardized…

  • Accessory of the Month | Kitronik Inventor's Kit

    Each month, we're going to shine a light on a kit or accessory that you can use to enhance your micro:bit projects. This month our featured product is the Kitronik Inventor's Kit, available for purchase now from Farnell element14.

    What is it?…

  • The Great micro:bit Education Giveaway!



    Hello Community!




    The Great micro:bit Education Giveaway - Winners!


    Back to School season is upon us! For many students…

  • Teachers Wanted! Test micro:bit kits and accessories in the classroom with element14



    As the exclusive manufacturer of the BBC micro:bit, Farnell element14 has access to a wide variety of kits and accessories, designed to expand the possibilities of what can be…

  • element14 presents: A day of BBC micro:bit ideas

    The compact design and multiple features of the BBC micro:bit allow for a wide range of opportunities to incorporate the device into your day to day life. Once your students have got the hang of programming the device to perform simple functions, you…

  • [PROJECT] BBC Micro:bit – Light Theremin by Cabe

    A shot of the complete circuit. (via me)


    Digital musical instruments are in every facet of music today. Arguably, you can trace digital music’s origin to the original Theremin. Today, the Theremin is more of an art installation than a practical instrument…

  • How micro:bit is Inspiring the Next Generation of Digital Ambassadors



    As micro:bit continues to spread across the globe, more and more young people are being inspired to explore their creativity through coding and robotics. Canada-based STEM initiative Fair…

  • element14 and micro:bit help Chicago students to become "TechGirlz"

    Newark element14 recently teamed up with TechGirlz - a nonprofit organisation dedicated to reducing the gender gap in technology industries - to provide middle school students in Chicago with a hands-on introduction to basic coding.

    Hosted at two Microsoft…

  • Over 100,000 micro:bits deployed in Singapore's Digital Maker Programme.

    Singapore has become the latest country to join the micro:bit revolution, with the country's Ministry of Education supporting a national campaign to roll out more than 100,000 of the devices in a bid to nurture a new generation of digital makers. …

  • Weekend Halloween Project: Illuminated Candy Bucket Featuring BBC Microbit


    Many of you who have been following me over the years knows that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, and that I always build a project or two for Element14. This year I decided to mix things up a little bit and build two separate projects. For…

  • BBC Micro:Fit Pt. 2

    Hello All,


    I want to apologize for the long lapse between Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, finals have been a handful. But anyways to the content we go!


    Unfortunately it does not look like the Micro:Fit will have a watch/clock component, as I can not find any module for…

  • BLE controlled crossbow blot-Micro:Bit received.

    1. Micro:Bit is one unique board, not for its fully function and powerful feature, but for its easy to use and easy to learn even for Kids. My propose is to use minimum resources for a fun toy. A BLE controlled crossbow blot to fire a cotton ball stick…

  • BBC micro:bit - Submit your Big Ideas




    Our 10 BBC micro:bit Projects in 10 Days series introduced the incredible creative potential of this unique pocket sized computer system. But we've really only scratched the surface. Now we want to hear your ideas.


    The BBC micro:bit is…

  • BBC micro:bit - Closing date for registrations approaching

    Since the launch of the BBC micro:bit project earlier this year, over 750,000 devices have been donated, with around 80% of UK secondary schools already registered for the program.

    The devices have been put to some truly inspiring uses, with over 4.5 million…

  • micro:bit experiments - Polygons!


    The BBC micro:bit is a compact microcontroller board populated with sensors and wireless connectivity. It also has several programming languages (graphical and text based) and is super-easy to use. No software or account is needed; just traverse…

  • 10 micro:bit Projects in 10 Days: Day Ten - Two-player telegraph game

    About this project


    We end our 'ten projects' series with a very simple exercise that demonstrates how to make two BBC micro:bit devices communicate with each other.


    What you'll need


    2 x BBC micro:bit devices

    1 x Micro USB

    1 x Computer or table…

  • 10 BBC micro:bit Projects in 10 Days: Day Nine - Musical Light Box


    About this project


    In this project, students learn how to program the light sensor on the BBC micro:bit, telling the device to react to different intensities of light. By attaching…

  • 10 BBC micro:bit Projects in 10 Days: Day Eight - Security Alarm

    About this project


    This project demonstrates how the BBC micro:bit's functions can be enhanced with external devices, in this case a 3V buzzer that can be programmed to act as a security alarm.


    What you'll need


    1 x BBC micro:bit

    1 x 3V buzzer

    1 x Micro…

  • 10 BBC micro:bit Projects in 10 Days: Day Seven - Roll the Dice

    About this project


    This project turns the BBC micro:bit into an electronic dice, programming the device to display a random number from 1-6 on the LED array when shaken.


    What you'll need


    1 x BBC micro:bit

    1 x Micro USB

    1 x Computer or tablet

    2 x AAA Batteries…