• Micro:bit Accessory of the Month | Kitronik Klimate Board

    Each month, we're going to shine a light on a kit or accessory that you can use to enhance your micro:bit projects. This month our featured product is the Klimate Board, developed by Kitronik.


    What is it?

    The Klimate board is a Real Time Clock (RTC…

  • Micro:bit Accessory of the Month | BinaryBots Totem Crab

    Each month, we're going to shine a light on a kit or accessory that you can use to enhance your micro:bit projects. This month our featured product is the Totem Crab, developed by BinaryBots.


    What is it?


    A sophisticated 'smart toy' from Binary Bots…

  • The Great micro:bit Education Giveaway!



    Hello Community!




    The Great micro:bit Education Giveaway - Winners!


    Back to School season is upon us! For many students…

  • Teachers Lesson Plans For ACCESS:bit For microbit

    Unlock your students potential with these 2 free Lesson Plans for the Kitronik ACCESS:bit for the BBC microbit. Students will learn how to code the micro:bit to control an access barrier with these classroom-ready teaching resources.

    access:bit for microbit lesson plans main

    They have been designed…

  • [PROJECT] BBC Micro:bit – Atari Punk Console by Cabe

    The Atari Punk Console, a name that Kaustic Machines dubbed, is an astable square wave driving a monostable oscillator. This was done with two 555 timer ICs, typically. The output was sound that resembled those produced by the old Atari 2600. It’s origin…

  • [PROJECT] BBC Micro:bit – Light Theremin by Cabe

    A shot of the complete circuit. (via me)


    Digital musical instruments are in every facet of music today. Arguably, you can trace digital music’s origin to the original Theremin. Today, the Theremin is more of an art installation than a practical instrument…

  • Writing software for BBC micro:bit

    These are several programming languages that I used to program the Micro:bit platform (online and offline options):



              1. JavaScript Blocks Editor - https://makecode.microbit.org/


          a. Online


    First time the web page is loaded it took me around 15 seconds…

  • [PROJECT] BBC Micro:bit – Scary Tapping Halloween Robotics Build

    A partial build of the Scary Tapping project above.



    This started out as a Halloween project – Scary Tapping. It makes the sound of someone, or something, tapping behind a wall, floor, what have you. But it seems to have turned into a "robot spoon musician…

  • [PROJECT] BBC Micro:bit – Make an Adventure Video Game!!!

    Legend World Adventure Quest, Championship Edition Super Turbo


    “If you only ever play one video game in your entire life, this is it!” – Game Xtremist Chronicle

    “To be in the presence of true game genius is a gift few will experience. Play this game!”

  • [PROJECT] BBC Micro:bit – Metal Detector!

    The BBC Micro:bit is small, different than other boards. But this board is packed with features. One, in particular, I use in this project is the onboard compass, aka a magnetometer. I wanted to use it as a metal detector!


    The earth has a magnetic field…

  • element14 and micro:bit help Chicago students to become "TechGirlz"

    Newark element14 recently teamed up with TechGirlz - a nonprofit organisation dedicated to reducing the gender gap in technology industries - to provide middle school students in Chicago with a hands-on introduction to basic coding.

    Hosted at two Microsoft…

  • micro:bit experiments - Polygons!


    The BBC micro:bit is a compact microcontroller board populated with sensors and wireless connectivity. It also has several programming languages (graphical and text based) and is super-easy to use. No software or account is needed; just traverse…

  • The BBC micro:bit initiative, a STEM program - Freescale contribution


    Driving the micro:bit legacy

    Media coverage was already pretty large on the micro:bit program. Anyway, we thought it could be intersting to get an other perspective on the initiative. This article was first published in the embedded beat blog platform…