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  • Five Years of Making & Sharing: My element14 Story

    For the past five years, element14 has been my playground to experiment, learn and share. This blog highlights some of the most rewarding and helpful to others projects I have created during that time, including AI projects, embedded systems bas...
  • SECOND prize won in ASIA Region for SCAVENGER HUNT QUIZ

    Hurry! Second Prize was won by me in the Scavenger Hunt Quiz, it was pleasure to receive the prize from the ASIAN region. Element14 community gave me good opportunity to showcase my hidden talent as a reward BOSE speaker and Raspberry PI4 and en...
  • Scavenger hunt Quiz First Prize winner ASIA

    Good Day.  I won 1st prize in the Scavenger Hunt Quiz in ASIA region which was an exciting achievement, the prize include AirPod HeadPhones, Temperature control Soldering Station kit. The kit is costly I had never won such huge prize it was spec...
  • Scavenger hunt Quiz Asia region 3rd Prize winner

    Hi, I am Praveen member of element14 community, Design Engineer working on IoT, AI, etc. I was actively participating Element14 community for webinars, roadtest, quizzes, Design challenges etc.  Once I received notification as community member t...
  • The simplest Capacitance sensor, simplified.

    Not Gonna lie, Im a big fan of what Mirko Pavleski does, and when I saw his simple capacitance sensor I knew I had to build my very own. Right away, I noticed He is using an LCD screen that isnt in my stock pile, and Im not about to add another to my…