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  • What is inside an access token?

    I went on a Caribbean cruise and all I got was this lousy token! The token is used to access all guest services on the ship. It was provided in a lanyard when we boarded. Entering and leaving cabins required the token. Entering a leaving the ship re…
  • Christmas in February

    Thanks E14 and Sean for the nifty cable tester just for attending a raspberry pi webinar that I wanted to learn from anyway. I shall never have to try to stick a fat meter probe into an ethernet connector pin again. 
  • Capacitance to Voltage Converter Water Level Sensor

    Intro This is another example of using both inputs and outputs of the Analog Discovery 3 to test a circuit. This example also uses a TI LM2907 frequency-to-voltage converter chip but it is configured as a capacitance to voltage converter. I...
  • Frequency-To-Voltage Converter With An Analog Discovery 3

    Intro As part of the Analog Discovery 3 road test, I want to show examples of using both its waveform generator and its oscilloscope at the same time with a real circuit. This example uses an TI LM2907 (developed by National Instruments before they w…
  • Activity recognition using Edge Impulse with ESP32 and MPU6050 sensor.

    Introduction Earlier in the holiday contest project Activity Tracker, I have mentioned that I will explain the steps involved in creating the ML model using the MPU6050 sensor data. In this blog we will see how to send the sensor data to cloud and de…