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  • Solar Eclipse update.

    Hi all, I lucked out on Monday. The day opened with full sunshine and warm temperatures. As the time neared, we had some high altitude cirrus clouds, but visibility was still good, so I drug out my telescope and set it up. I invited some of the neig…
  • Digilent Analog Discovery 3: a gadget or a lab must-have ?

    Table of Contents Introduction 1. First test: eye diagram 1.1. Test introduction 1.2. Using the Waveforms scripting capability 1.3. Test results 1.4. How to run this test yourself? 2. Second test: logic analyzer 2.1. Test introduction 2.2. Firs…
  • What is inside an access token?

    I went on a Caribbean cruise and all I got was this lousy token! The token is used to access all guest services on the ship. It was provided in a lanyard when we boarded. Entering and leaving cabins required the token. Entering a leaving the ship re…
  • Christmas in February

    Thanks E14 and Sean for the nifty cable tester just for attending a raspberry pi webinar that I wanted to learn from anyway. I shall never have to try to stick a fat meter probe into an ethernet connector pin again. 
  • Capacitance to Voltage Converter Water Level Sensor

    Intro This is another example of using both inputs and outputs of the Analog Discovery 3 to test a circuit. This example also uses a TI LM2907 frequency-to-voltage converter chip but it is configured as a capacitance to voltage converter. I...