• SNTerminal - Connect Arduino with Android seamlessly



    We have released an Android app, along the PC/desktop app, that offers immediate representation and control of heterogeneous sensors, for easy and immediate deployment.

    - https://vir.isotel.eu/SNProtocol/wiki/SNTerminal


    Now the app support a direct…

  • Guidance on Car Door Lock Project

    First thing first. I am a noob at electronics. That being said, I was thinking of building a circuit using an Arduino based MCU where I walk to my car and it detects my phone and all the doors unlock if I walk towards it. If I walk away from my car, it…

  • Hands-on learning(Help a newbie)

         As mentioned, I'm completely a newbie to this field except for maybe blinking LEDs and stuff. This project I wish to do is not a school assignment. It is just a learning project I wish to do. I have        an idea in mind and would like your help to know…

  • Looking for Bluetooth Project Innovative idea

    I have hands on experience on Arduino, Hardware design and Android Application development, Currently I am working on Bluetooth. I am looking for some crazy..innovative idea related to wearable bluetooth+arduino based project...

    You can suggest me some…

  • Arduino and Cybot Part 3 - Uno replaced by Nano; fairly neat and tidy

  • Arduino and Cybot - Part 2 - Now on Bluetooth and Batteries

  • MIT AppInventor and Arduino Part5 - controlling 28BYJ-48 stepper motor via Bluetooth from Android app

    I've just published this in my blog:




    I hope it's useful to someone.



  • MIT App Inventor and Arduino Part 4 - send more than 1 data item from Arduino to Android and display

    I have posted this on my blog in reponse to a request.

    The post gives 2 examples of how 2 different data items can be sent from an Arduino, via Bluetooth, to an Android app and then displayed separately on the Android device.


  • How to connect Android 4.1.2 with arduino

    I made some programs for arduino and android to connect android with arduion via blutetooth. There are the programs  http://pastebin.com/i6h7RA1Y http://prntscr.com/5fstug (programs made in MIT app inventor,ony for switching on and of diode). This program…

  • App Inventor, Bluetooth and Arduino Part 3; Android Slider controls LED brightnes

  • Using MIT App Inventor to create Android Apps which can connect to Arduino via Bluetooth

    I was enthused by Pieter Bok’s recent post  involving an iPhone App connecting to an Arduino via WiFi:


    I don’t have an iPhone, or a WiFi shield, but…

  • any tips on interfacing arduino to android device ?

    i need to connect an arduino device to my android phone can the android phone act as the USB host ?

  • Tis the season... to giveaway a Mega ADK

    Howdy - I was tidying up my part bins at home this past weekend and realized I have an Arduino Mega ADK for Android that I've never used.

      I'm not sure when I'll ever get around to using it, so I figured I'd find it a new home with someone here.…

  • Displaying Phone Video on an RGB LED Matrix