• How to change Arduino IDE to eliminate Nicla Sense compile error from leftover MATLAB support package

    This is question is similar to a previous FORUM question regarding for MATLAB support packages where the fix was to reinstall the Arduino IDE.

    I Did that , it didnt work to fix the compile error as the c:\programdata\matlab\supportpackages\........did…

  • Wireless WaterLevel and Pump On/Off System using NRD24L01 Modules


    I am completely new to this site and also to arduino, i have basic knowledge of electronics and arduino. So i want to make a project for my home, it will not be just a prototype but i will use it in my home.

    So i want to make a wireless overhead…

  • Where can I find cables with Arduino ESLOV connectors?

    Where can I find cables with Arduino ESLOV connectors? They are for Arduino MKR boards.

    I think they are standard 5-pin JST-SH but I am unable to find any reference.

  • What stops your Arduino project?

    Say you want to create a solution to a problem you have, like automating the door on a chicken coop with the time of day...

    What tends to stop you from developing it? Do you find that you encounter a problem part way through the project? Is it some knowledge…

  • Best practices for Arduino I/O selection

    I'm currently working on a project using an Arduino knock-off Mega board. I discovered during prototype board development and testing an issue using I/O' 0 and 1. I found I could not control the output within my script. From online research, I discovered…

  • New book "Arduino Workshop" (Second Edition)

    Hello everyone

    If you're looking for a beginner's guide to Arduino - as a gift or for some off-line reading, check out the new second edition of my first book "Arduino Workshop":


    If you buy it…

  • Reverse Footprint for Arduino Mega

    How do you mount a Mega on a PCB?

    I'm using a Arduino Mega for a project and wanted to use Fritzing to create a PCB layout. The footprint for the Mega reflects the pinout of the motherboard. If I create a pin pattern on the board to mount the Mega di…

  • I2C connection problems

    I am having difficulties getting a connection between my arduino onu and a MPU6050.

    i have set the I2C  connection like this.

         arduino 3.3v to MPU6050 VDD

         arduino ground to MPU6050 ground

         arduino analog pin4 to MPU6050 SDA

         arduino analog pin5 to MPU6050…

  • 16 RGB LED's in parallel controlled by atmega328 PWM pins for pc case mod. (Updated)

    Ok I'll start by saying i'm totally new to electronics, (Java programming is my hobby) I'm also new to this site, (The Ben Heck Show brought me here).

    Basically I have a really cool plan for a PC build I just completed, all of the fans have…

  • Arduino watch made in steampunk style; includes monocles

    As everybody knows, watches come in many different and crazy styles and it was only a matter of time before someone made one that incorporates an Arduino unit. However some people are not fans of ‘steampunk’ but for those of you who aren’t you still have…
  • Hackvision the tiny Arduino gaming system

    Yes we all know Arduino can be made to just about anything. We can control robots with it as well as just about anything else you can think of. But what about gaming, and not just any gaming but rather old school gaming? Now you can with Hackvision.…
  • DIY RFID security pass uses Arduino

    Arduino units have been used to make some pretty interesting things such as a steam powered turntable and a magnetic card reader. Matt Williamson, from App Delegate Inc., has designed a RFID security scanner that uses an Arduino unit that is no less impressive…
  • 4-axis motion control with Arduino

    I came across this while researching how to control several stepper/servo motors with the same driver. I would never advocate combining the control scheme in real machining motion control, instead go with one driver unit per axis. However, this is a very…
  • Arduino - Sink more than 6 volts

    Hi everyone,


    I need to sink an active low line in a system to ground using an Arduino, the problem is that it's more than what the Arduino's pins can handle around 6v. I tried finding out if a mosfet would actually connect Drain to Source and drive the…

  • Plasma disk CPU-usage display.



    I have  come up with a fun little piece of computer hardware for my computer, but I am far too undereducated in electronics to really know just what to do.


    The idea is this: Have a plasma disk's outputting voltage (and therefore how "active" the plasma…

  • What type of relay will handle a 51 amp 10 hp motor and a 75 amp 15 hp motor?

    I am using the Arduino Uno and a gprs shield with a Numato relay and am wondering how I can power on and off the motors of a 51 amp 10 hp motor and a 75 amp 15 hp motor.

  • YUN Web Server and SD Card Help / Not Working

    Hi there. I'm really having a hard time trying to learn the Arduino. I'm struggling on getting a web page running off of it. I can't seem to get it work with any of the IDE examples or even the several examples I've found on the net. At first, I was wondering…

  • 4-pin Switch not working with MQTT publish in Arduino

    I have done a setup where if I press 4-pin switch,the LED connected to digital pin 7 with Arduino,will glow.

    This is working fine when I connect it without MQTT publish.

    Its working fine for the below code,

    void loop(){
      // read the state of the pushbutton…

  • Help needed! Arduino output to app inventor 2 input via bluetooth.

    I need help figuring out how to revieve an input on an app inventor app from an arduino via bluetooth. i already have outputs from appinventor to arduino but now need to reverse that for about 5 inputs to the app. the problem is whatever i seem to do…

  • How to Build RC Hovercraft!

    Dear All ,

    I'm a Precision Engineering Student from Myanmar. I've to built a RC hovercraft for my university project.

    But,I'm just a beginner for Electronic field.

    I don't trouble for designing cover frame of hovercraft,but start difficulties…

  • Torque

    What is the minimum torque of the stepper motors that i should use for my custom cnc machine? Is 10 kg/cm ok?

  • Software for CNC

    I am trying to make my own cnc machine from scratch. I am using arduino uno to drive the stepper motors.Will anyone please suggest me a pc software on which i could design my parts that i want to cut out. Also the software should easily communicate with…

  • Sending serial data from Arduino to Android via Bluetooth - NOT ANSWERED Yet

    Hi all,


    I've been working on my Arduino project for quite a while now, managed to process the incoming data in the Arduino and display it on LCD (data is coming from a simulation on the laptop). But I cannot manage to view this data on my Android App …

  • how could i create a network of arduinos?

    Hello All,

    I am new to this page; i have been working on an arduino to capture information from a position sensor. Now i would like to use multiple sensors in different places, and for that i need to use multiple arduinos. i would like to connect them…

  • Atmega328P-PU (arduino uno) from breadboard to pcb

    Hello everybody.


    I been working with an arduino uno for a few years now and i decide to make them standalone.

    So i bought some Atmega328P-PU and start putting them on a breadboard with a Crystal and a few capacitors

    I have loaded the BLINK example onto…