• Wireless WaterLevel and Pump On/Off System using NRD24L01 Modules


    I am completely new to this site and also to arduino, i have basic knowledge of electronics and arduino. So i want to make a project for my home, it will not be just a prototype but i will use it in my home.

    So i want to make a wireless overhead…

  • Power system from Single 2200mAh liPo battery (stuck)

    Hey Guys, Im developing a automated system that has many sensors and parts.

    Here are the parts along with associated voltages and running currents.


    :- Arduino Uno : 7-12V, max current from gpio 200mA(I think)

    :- Xbeepro 3.0v - 3.6v : 500 mA typical at 3…

  • Using Cat5 Cable for communications with Arduino

    I am working on a home automation wiring project.

    Before I go too far I have one major question.

    I am planning to use a series of 8 channel relay boards to control lighting.

    I plan to distribute these relays in 3 different areas in the house.

    My question…

  • Stacks Implementation on Arduino

    Hey Guys! I am fairly new to Arduino so please bear with me  I am using an Arduino MEGA 2560 to implement automated bottle rejection system. The summary of the system is this: Its got four checks for rejection, a variable speed conveyor belt (hence an…

  • Arduino Relay's and Light Dimming

    Hey guys, I am working on hooking up an Arduino UNO to the ceiling lights in my room so that I can control them remotely. My current plan is to unhook the switch from the wiring  then in it's place hook the wiring to some kind of a relay then hook the…

  • Arduino - AC Motor Control Automation

    Dear electronic wizards,

    I would like to ask a question about the automation of single phase AC motors.

    I am aware that I can purchase TRIAC controllers with manual knobs or even 0-10V control inputs.

    I am new to the world of AC controllers so I would like…

  • With sourcecode: Input/output across net

    Complete, working example of setting up a server on a basic "home user" internet account.


    Read analog, digital sensors attaced to an Aruduino or clone, change the state of outputs... all from an "ordinary" web page you can access with any browser…