• Help needed! Arduino output to app inventor 2 input via bluetooth.

    I need help figuring out how to revieve an input on an app inventor app from an arduino via bluetooth. i already have outputs from appinventor to arduino but now need to reverse that for about 5 inputs to the app. the problem is whatever i seem to do…

  • Sending serial data from Arduino to Android via Bluetooth - NOT ANSWERED Yet

    Hi all,


    I've been working on my Arduino project for quite a while now, managed to process the incoming data in the Arduino and display it on LCD (data is coming from a simulation on the laptop). But I cannot manage to view this data on my Android App …

  • bluetooth win8?

    I would like to pair an arduino uno with a Bluetooth module(hc-06) to a computer running windows 8.1.

    I have seen people doing it with windows 7 using the Toshiba Bluetooth stack but apparently there is a problem using it with win 8.

  • Powering JY-MCU HC06 Bluetooth adapter from the digital pin of an Arduino ??

    I'm doing a lot of experiments with Arduino, Android and a JY-MCU HC06 Bluetooth adapter.

    I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by the frequent need to reset the HC06, before it will accept a connection from the Android device. The easiest way to reset…

  • Is it possible to connect 14 servos to the DFRobot IO ExpansionShield and still use the bluetooth for comunication?

    First of all hello everyone, my idea is to build a robot using 14 servos and the IO Expansion Shield V5 from DF Robot (IO Expansion Shield For Arduino(V5) (SKU: DFR0088) - Robot Wiki ). Recently i setted up the bluetooth connection between the arduino…

  • How to connect a cellular antenna?

    Dear: Element 14

    First of all you should know that I am currently working on my Rover 5 chassis. I would like my rover 5 chassis to have a GPS so it doesn't get lost and for it to also have a Bluetooth module so I can control it remotely and autonomously…

  • Security camera for cars

    Hi all,

    We are building this project that is a security camera for cars. y-bus.com/camera

    It takes pictures everytime the car breaks and sends it to the internet! It is a great solution for dangerous Latin American cities like Rio de Janeiro.


    We are using…

  • Reprogram Arduino via Bluetooth

    What would be the best (and cheapest) way to reprogram an Arduino via Bluetooth?  Can I reprogram models based on the ATMega32U4 (Leonardo, Micro)?  Thanks!


  • Arduino led on and off program using hc05 bluetooth module doesn't work.

    I have tried to connect my arduino with hc-05, and run a simple 'LED on and off' program. When I disconnected the rx and tx pins and tried sending the commands using serial monitor in arduino, and it worked perfectly alright. But when I connected the…

  • Seeed Bluetooth Shield Issue

    Hey all,


    I'm having an issue with my Bluetooth shield set up, where if I connect everything up to my BoeBot Shield + the Bluetooth Shield, the Arduino crashes/restarts.  See below for more details.


    Setup (on robot)

    • Arduino Uno
    • Boe-Bot Sheild (similar to…
  • Looking for Bluetooth Project Innovative idea

    I have hands on experience on Arduino, Hardware design and Android Application development, Currently I am working on Bluetooth. I am looking for some crazy..innovative idea related to wearable bluetooth+arduino based project...

    You can suggest me some…

  • Arduino and Cybot Part 3 - Uno replaced by Nano; fairly neat and tidy

  • Arduino and Cybot - Part 2 - Now on Bluetooth and Batteries

  • Arduino + two Bluetooth HC05

    Hi everybody. (I am posting in the wrong place please move this topic where it should belong).


    I am trying to control two DC motors remotely via bluetooth and I am facing a problem which is Arduino doesn't seems to be able to manage two SerialSoftware…

  • MIT App Inventor and Arduino Part 4 - send more than 1 data item from Arduino to Android and display

    I have posted this on my blog in reponse to a request.

    The post gives 2 examples of how 2 different data items can be sent from an Arduino, via Bluetooth, to an Android app and then displayed separately on the Android device.


  • How to connect Android 4.1.2 with arduino

    I made some programs for arduino and android to connect android with arduion via blutetooth. There are the programs  http://pastebin.com/i6h7RA1Y http://prntscr.com/5fstug (programs made in MIT app inventor,ony for switching on and of diode). This program…

  • App Inventor, Bluetooth and Arduino Part 3; Android Slider controls LED brightnes

  • How to go about re purposing  an 80's boom-box

    Easiest way i could think about doing it would to use the lleft and right wiring of the rradio so the audio out of the radio would be replaced by an aux in jack, or ahould i take everything out except the speakers, put in my own power system and amp,arduino…

  • Teach your Arduino to speak Bluetooh

    Howdy -


    For the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge, our Pumping Station: One team is building a biosensor array. The array consists of sensors placed around one's body connected to an Arduino also attached to the body.  Software running on a computing…

  • PCB for bluetooth gamepad.

    I recently started working on a bluetooth gamepad. I will be using a arduino pro micro + HC-05 controllers. The Gamepad will have 2 trigger buttons, 4 direction keys, A,B,X,Y, start, select, and two analog PSP joysticks. I have a 100mmX120mmX25mm metal…