• How to read a NMEA gps data and prase mannually ?

    Hey guys, I am working with ESP32 Arduino with a GPS module. I have used the TinyGPS PLUS library to praise NMEA data. But if I want to manually o the job like- String operation by reading the Serial Data, how do I do that?

    GPS modules send data by serial…

  • Internet Weather Observations, Data Logger with Rain Gauge




    All links verified to be working now!


    ISP forced another WAN, ip address change; so previous web links are no longer valid.  Signed up with Noip.com for "Hostnames" that hopefully will eliminate this issue.

    My apologies for the inconvenience…

  • Code conversion from 'ino code' to 'c code'

    We were using PZEM-004T v3.0, energy meter library within the code format of  C++.

    And for the compilation proccess,we use Arduino IDE.

    So,the example codes were in ino format.During the compilation, the example code executed successfully with the help of…

  • ESP32-CAM IO pins

    Hello fellow Arduino-ers!


    I've been playing around with an ESP-32 CAM and have found it to be quite fun. But now I'd like to expand a bit and utilize some of the external IO pins that come off the board for some other features of a project I'm working…