• Turning on a machine automatically when another machine is turned on - using ad hoc ESP8266 network

    I’m very new to microcontrollers and programming. I probably know just enough to be dangerous. I’m trying to devise a reasonably simple system for turning on the dust collector in my wood shop and positioning the sliding carriage (output side…

  • Got Trouble with ESP8266 and Arduino Yun using REST control

    Sorry about my English.

    I'm a new bie in program Arduino and interested in ESP8266. I'm trying to use ESP8266 control Arduino Yun using REST API.

    Like you know, we using web browser as

    http:///arduino ///value> (optional)>

    Example: http:///arduino…

  • How to use the ESP8266 WiFi module with Arduino?

    I want to start sending sensor data to a webpage with the ESP8266. I've been looking for libraries for 2 days no and cant seem to get anything to work besides the simple AT commands. Could someone steer me in the right direction?

  • Do I need a level shifter or is there an easier way?

    I'm trying to get an ESP8266 WiFi module working with my Arduino. However, Arduino's output 5v and the ESP8266 needs 3.3v for it's logic. I've heard some people say that the 5v logic scale and the 3.3v logic scale are interchangeable and doesn't matter…

  • ESP8266 as an IOT style device

    I have been racking my Brain on how to implement what i am looking to use. Obviously I am using Arduino rather than any of the Node MCU Lua etc,

    What I am after:


    It will be controlling a machine that I have buttons for but also I want to have an APP on…

  • Need Hardware list for 5-Dot-Matrix printing with Wifi-Modules

    Hello guys
    I just received a project from my local Soccer-Club to be able to print letters on the play field (grass-surface).
    Mainly for cheering purposes, maybe also for advertisement later on.
    The idea is pretty straight forward:

    There are 5 RC-Cars with…

  • ESP 01 overheating

    Hello everyone, i am running a small project using an ESP 01, every thing has working fine when out of the nowhere the ESP started to overheat. At first i thought that i had made something wrong with the power supply and/or program (i had fried a PIC

  • What does Unvarnished Transmission Mode Mean?

    I am using an ESP8266 Wifi Module and I have come across a command "AT+CIPMODE=X" which basically sets the mode of the wifi to normal mode if X=0 and Unvarnished Transmission mode when X = 1. I have googled the term and cannot come up with what it means…

  • Why does my " +IPD,<len>: " AT command executes only once even if placed in void loop() ?

    I want to run all AT commands through Arduino Code over the Serial Monitor,and want to fetch data using a Thingspeak Key.

    My other AT commands execute well periodically as needed in void loop(), but whenever I place the " +IPD,<len>: " AT command into…

  • ESP8266 ESP12 issue

    Hello every one right  now I am do project using esp8266 esp12 WiFi module.At starting i set up all things and my module work perfectly and connect to my home wifi. But right now after 6 hours do same thing but i don't get any response from wifi module…

  • Meet Blynk - an easier way to connect your Arduino and smartphone and make a user interface for your project

    Hi  guys,


    We've been working on a project that will make it easier for everyone to connect an iPhone or Android smartphone to your Arduino project and build a graphic interface for it.


    It’s called Blynk and yesterday we launched a Kickstarter campaign…

  • Internet Weather Observations, Data Logger with Rain Gauge




    All links verified to be working now!


    ISP forced another WAN, ip address change; so previous web links are no longer valid.  Signed up with Noip.com for "Hostnames" that hopefully will eliminate this issue.

    My apologies for the inconvenience…

  • Hosted website for RobotDyn WiFi D1 Server Data

    Project makes use of the Network Time protocol. "Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a networking protocol for clock synchronization between computer systems over packet-switched, variable-latency data networks. In operation since before 1985, NTP is one of…

  • Arduino Get Commands From ESP8266

    Hello there,


    Hope you all good. As I said on others post of mine i am working on a project for a house automation system that am designing... I want to ask a questions about our favorite microprocessor Arduino. Before i go to the market and buy the other…

  • Looking to create an Arduino/Solar/solenoid/wifi hose bib

    OK, I'm not happy with the title, but I hope it gets the point across. I'm new as can be to electronics and while I've got a few hundred dollars worth of books and hundreds of bookmarks on Safari, I'm not sure if I'm clear with what I need to do here…

  • Control 10 NeoPixel colours with 3 colour sliders on mobile phone using WiFi



    I have 10 Neopixels connected to a Ardafruit ESP8266 Huzzah and i would like to change the colour of them using my mobile phone.

    I have made 3 sliders (Red,Green,Blue) using M.I.T App inventor and can get values from 0 - 255 for each of them but i don…

  • Need help with a couple of warnings on a project's code



    I'm trying to build the following project : Arduino WiFi-Connected Weather Station with Android User Interface - CodeProject


    The electronics seem to be fine. I can see the arduino and ESP8266 wifi module power leds on , and the TX leds on both…

  • ESP8266 03 Serial ESP 03 WiFi Module Wireless



    i am new to the use of arduino, and have some questions about the ESP 03



    1>How does it work


    2>are the GPIO pins in ESP 03 like the data pins on a transmitter reciever.

    through which we can send/recieve  data ?

    3>do the GPIO pins behave like channels…

  • Using twitter to alert you

    On researching to answer a question on this site about alerting a person when their house alarm activates or changes I found this http://uk.mathworks.com/help/thingspeak/act-on-your-data.html?requestedDomain=www.mathworks.com .  I am sure this could be…