• How to change Arduino IDE to eliminate Nicla Sense compile error from leftover MATLAB support package

    This is question is similar to a previous FORUM question regarding for MATLAB support packages where the fix was to reinstall the Arduino IDE.

    I Did that , it didnt work to fix the compile error as the c:\programdata\matlab\supportpackages\........did…

  • I2C connection problems

    I am having difficulties getting a connection between my arduino onu and a MPU6050.

    i have set the I2C  connection like this.

         arduino 3.3v to MPU6050 VDD

         arduino ground to MPU6050 ground

         arduino analog pin4 to MPU6050 SDA

         arduino analog pin5 to MPU6050…

  • help connect flutter to bluetooth

    Hello developers and engineers , and i am looking for a sulotion to link my smart home project with a customized application build using flutter and if any can tell me how can i link the my app to the arduino together @@

  • Arduino - The Temperature part is not working

    Hi guys,

    The program works perfectly fine though i am not getting the right temperature value. it keeps giving me 127. which is not correct.

    i can't seem to understand the problem with the program. Any Help is highly appreciated !!!

    Thanks in advance…

  • Using an arduino.

    Hi there,  

      I'm currently a 2nd year HND graphic design student doing my final major project. I'm thinking of trying to display type (or even animation if possible) onto a flexible LED panel. It requires an arduino and a power supply, but I know…

  • Trying to use a camera module to show footage to a lcd tft screen


    Im in desperate need of some help for a project I am doing.


    I have managed to get to servos controlled by a joystick and attached them to a pan/tilt arm,


    But need to get a camera module (this one: VGA OV7670)


    to relay its footage to a LCD TFT Display…

  • HELP PLEASE with sketch

    I have a short 15 line sketch for a UNO.  It is to read a ultra sonic sensor and out put the results to the computer.  I will not compile. and has an error that I cannot find.  Is there some one who would be willing to help me find the problem.


    If I knew…

  • bluetooth win8?

    I would like to pair an arduino uno with a Bluetooth module(hc-06) to a computer running windows 8.1.

    I have seen people doing it with windows 7 using the Toshiba Bluetooth stack but apparently there is a problem using it with win 8.

  • Power system from Single 2200mAh liPo battery (stuck)

    Hey Guys, Im developing a automated system that has many sensors and parts.

    Here are the parts along with associated voltages and running currents.


    :- Arduino Uno : 7-12V, max current from gpio 200mA(I think)

    :- Xbeepro 3.0v - 3.6v : 500 mA typical at 3…

  • Arduino is freaking out.

    I am making a moving turret on my Arduino uno and programming it.  But when I upload my code, the arduino restarts  like 15 seconds before the IDE says done uploading. Also, it takes a minute to upload no matter what code I use.(Even if I use the bare minimum…

  • Making  a Flash game with arduino uno; one glitch keeps happening

    My game works perfectly except for the  fact that the gameover doesn't worK. It only does game over if line2 hits it. Pleased help for a solution. Here is the code:


    #include <LiquidCrystal.h>

    LiquidCrystal lcd(12,11,7,4,3,2);

    int pbu = 13;

    int pbd…

  • First project ever and need help!

         To start i'm 15 and this is my first project that I have sat down and actually planned out. Also please note I have little to no programming skills. My plan is to build a vending machine that is powered by an arduino board. The arduino would power servo…

  • PHP and Arduino ( upload photo )

    Hi everyone

    I am working on a project that needs to capture pictures and the upload them to a server by Wireless shield via internet.

    But I am  a beginner in both arduino and php.  


    Any ideas or tutorials would be helpful



    Thank you 

  • which techqnic is used in limbs part

    which techqnic is used in limbs part


  • wirless display using Arduino and NRF24L01

    I am bogged down in this project

    I'm using Arduino UNO.
    I Have the keyboard data decoded and printing to the serial port (computer) fine.
    I  want to send this data to a 16X2  LCD as soon as it is entered on the keypad.
      The LCD is working fine with serial…
  • Arduino programming help

    i need help in writing a program for a gps module. i want it to locate distance and then turn a servo. i really need help on this because its for a school project. if anyone can point me in the right direction or help me it would be very appreciated.…

  • Anyone in the Dallas area?

    Anyone in the Dallas area?  I'm just getting into the Arduino and it's functionality and would like to hook up with some locals in the Dallas area and share ideas and learn.

  • having trouble with ieeflip vfd and ieeflipnofrills

    First off, i am new to the arduino world of open source tech. I really like MAKE magizine and it as well as a co worker of mine has gave me the push i needed to get into open souce hardware and codeing.  i have been playing with the arduino now for about…

  • How to Post Diagrams and Schematics?

    Whenever I  the need to add a diagram or schematic to my posts on the forum I have to hand draw the diagram, scan it into the computer as a  .jpg and then insert it into my post. I have noticed that there seem to be better ways to accomplish this. I would…

  • timed device

    how do I make a timed device to create a spark for fireworks?

  • Maximum length a resistor ladder can go on analog pin?

    If i'm using all 220 Ω resistors and i'm using the Arduino's analog I/O, how far can I go? Is 14 resistors feasible?

  • Get uno sketch to work on Mega2560

    Hello, I am new to Arduino but have made a successful digital frequency.

    My problem is that it works extremely well in Uno, I then tried the Mega2560 which works with the exception of the rotary encoder, which on the Uno was connected to pins 2 & 3. tried…

  • Arduino lcd button input help

    I am working on a project and i'm trying to get the lcd to print what button was pressed, but it does not respond to the buttons I am going off of my "Arduino Projects Book" so that may be why the code is a bit messy.



    #include <Liquid…

  • Serial won't work!

    I'v bin trying to making a heating auto heating system that turns the knob with a servo, I can change the var upload and it will change position but every time i try to set up commands thought serial I get nothing, not even printing the serial I just…

  • serial controlling a servo?

    I got 2 servos in hopes of attaching them to my thermostats and having them turn the knobs but, i don't feel like changing the variables and re uploading the code to my arduino uno.  How would I be able to send a serial signal my computer and set that…