• arduino, help?

    HELP NEEDED FOR CODE! MY last code didn't turn out well, NEED a new code ASAP! Watch video down below to get a general idea of what we are doing


    Skip to about 6:30 minutes to see the demonstration

    Also read the description…

  • What stops your Arduino project?

    Say you want to create a solution to a problem you have, like automating the door on a chicken coop with the time of day...

    What tends to stop you from developing it? Do you find that you encounter a problem part way through the project? Is it some knowledge…

  • Trying to use a camera module to show footage to a lcd tft screen


    Im in desperate need of some help for a project I am doing.


    I have managed to get to servos controlled by a joystick and attached them to a pan/tilt arm,


    But need to get a camera module (this one: VGA OV7670)


    to relay its footage to a LCD TFT Display…

  • Ideas for final year project !!??

    Hi everyone, i'm currently a final year Electronic Engineering student. I'm looking for  a  final project that can be implemented using ARDUINO UNO , ...ect , please can u suggest me some IDEAS !!



  • Transceiver

    I have the transceiver module, "nRF24L01" (Arduino compatible). I've searched the net for a valid sketch to be used with my Uno board, and  so far, I have not been able to get a valid one. In each case the sketches could not be accepted by…

  • How to code a dead band of 10us in Arduino?

    Hello all!

    I am trying to run an H-bridge Inverter using Arduino. I am generating PWM pulses through Arduino and using IR2110, I am feeding those pulses to the switches. My problem is, I want to add dead band of 10us in programming it self. I want to generate…

  • Raspberry Pi Related Final Year Project

    Hello frnds,

    Am Anto currently pursuing my final year electronics and communication degree. I done a simple project using raspberry pi as my mini project. Now am planning to do my final year main project using raspberry pi and aurdino . Can u pls suggest…

  • I need help with a project.

    Hello, I am new to programing and miniature computers. My idea is to have either one or two sensors places on posts across from each other. These would be about 6 feet apart. I would want them to activate a speaker when they are interrupted. I do not…

  • My project


    I really like arduino and although im just a beginner at it i thought about a project. The project consists in a autonomus infrared controlled car.


    My idea was that with a infrared RC car mount a robotic arm and program it so the it pushes a button on…

  • Need Hardware list for 5-Dot-Matrix printing with Wifi-Modules

    Hello guys
    I just received a project from my local Soccer-Club to be able to print letters on the play field (grass-surface).
    Mainly for cheering purposes, maybe also for advertisement later on.
    The idea is pretty straight forward:

    There are 5 RC-Cars with…

  • What do I need to build this?



    Hello Element14 community, I recently stumbled upon this project on Kickstarter and I want to build my own version of it. The project is a laser tagging system with an LCD Screen…

  • Speaker Project: Making a Bluetooth portable speaker.....Please Help

    My two main questions are:


    * What are the latest/best components out there today for making any type of Bluetooth audio speaker (one that can play music from your phone)?




    *What is the best way to go about making an bluetooth speaker? (please include

  • Need Help! Mono: The first open programmable gadget in a handy casing.

    Dear Element 14,

    We are a small Tech startup from Copenhagen Denmark, we are trying to make it easier for Makers and DIY people to create their own gadgets and help connect their appliances to the internet.


    Our device “mono” will have the following Technical…

  • First major Arduino Project: Wheelchair Signal Board

    I am a more "mature" student and while I have been working IT self employed style for a a few years I have returned to school to upgrade my IT skills. I have elected to take a course on building gadgets which will center around the Ardunino Uno. So far…

  • Arduino Tutorials for beginners and onwards


    On a semi-regular basis I publish a series of Arduino tutorials. We cover the basics all the way to GPS modules, GSM cellular, a variety of wireless systems and so on. If you are interested, please visit tronixstuff.com/tutorials.