• Arduino with LabView and flex sensors

    Hello, first time in this forum.

    I am having problems with Arduino Mega which is connected to a pc with LabView from which i control the board in real time. I also connected some flex sensors. The idea is to control robot hand and fingers with my own hand…

  • Arduino - The Temperature part is not working

    Hi guys,

    The program works perfectly fine though i am not getting the right temperature value. it keeps giving me 127. which is not correct.

    i can't seem to understand the problem with the program. Any Help is highly appreciated !!!

    Thanks in advance…

  • Experience with a humidity sensor?

    I'm working on an Arduino project logging humidity, temperature and air pressure in a sewer for 30 days at a time. The environment is very hostile, 99 - 100% humidity and full of sulphuric acid.  (The acid comes from hydrogen sulphide combining with…

  • Light sensor




    I want to connect 40 light sensors to my Arduino .Is there any possibility to connect all together without mega arduino?I really appreciate if any one could give me advice, tutorial or…


    Thank you


  • Arduino as a test system in ZigBee

    Hi all Arduino fans

    I am looking into using using an arduino as a proof of concept for a sensor in a ZigBee network and I am looking for a couple of suitable sensors, including something to act as a water detector, we are talking bathroom / shower room…

  • Gas sensors with pulse sensor,no serial output problem, PLEASE HELP!!!

    im new to arduino, can i please know that how use two analog gas sensors,

    a temparature sensor with the pulse sensor (www.pulsesensor.com), pulse sensor having interrupts

    so i cant get serial output of those all in once, anyone know how to do that, what…

  • arduino security system

    hi everybody

    this post if for everyone who reads it so please help


    yesterday there was a burglary at my neighbor's house,so i decided to make a security system for my house

    while researching i found the crittergram capture cam on MAKE which was the…

  • Motion projects

    Is anyone making arduino-based motion projects? What kinds of sensors are you using to collect kinetic/spatial data? Would like to hear what you all are doin.

  • Build a timer (calculates time in milliseconds) and is triggered by two capacitative touch sensors

    Hey, I am a Cuber and also an Arduino fan, I know a bit of programming but need help in making a timer which calculates time in milli seconds and also is triggered by two capacitative sensors and stops when touched again. If  you know what is a "Stackmat…

  • Can you visualize movement?

    Hi guys,


    I'm playing around with a passive robotic arm with only a couple or rotary sensors inside. All connected to an arduino.
    Getting the numbers is no problem of course, but is it possible to visualize the input to something like pygame? Would be…

  • Adafruit Unified Driver

    This is technically very old news but it's the first time I've heard of it.




    "Essentially, it takes any supported sensor type (accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors…

  • MQ135 MQ2 sensors - meaning of the values


    how can I interpret the values between 0 and 1023 that I get from reading these sensors with Arduino?


    I have not found bands of values or indicators a bit 'more specific about which indicates a certain range of values.


    If anyone has any ideas to…

  • Meder Reed Switch, Digmesa Flow Meter & Arduino?



    Complete arduino newb and want to use this reed switch I already have MK04 Reed Sensors  It doesn't look like they make the exact model anymore (MK4-1A71-BV10102), but its a 1A/Form A with 2 wires.  Can I connect two wire sensors to Arduino or have…

  • A couple of Arduino libraries I wrote, AS3935 lightning detector and TCS3471 color/light sensor

    Former Member
    Former Member

    A bit of a shameless self-promotion  I wrote two libraries for two interesting sensor chips, first is AS3935 lightning detector chip, that can warn you about coming storm while it is still 40 kilometers away and the second in high dinamic range 16bit…

  • New book: Building Internet of Things with the Arduino


    A new book on Arduino on the use of sensors and interfacing with Pachube, Google Apps,

    Nimbits data logger and ThingSpeak...


    Building Internet of Things with the Arduino by Charalampos Doukas

    Table of Contents

    Part I—Introduction to the Internet of…

  • Emergency!

    Hello everyone, I'v been given a school project:


           calculate the gravity of earth using two sensors to estimate the time needed for a free falling object to go from sensor1 to sensor 2.

    Now, I'm gonna use 2 photoresistors and 2 lasers ,can anyone suggest…

  • Help. Newbie here.

    I am new in Arduino and still do't know what to do. Like what kind of Arduino to use on my project (which is Sensitive CCTV that allows remote connection and low power costs) and how to start learning the tricks. Please guide me. I need to learn this…