• Trying to use a camera module to show footage to a lcd tft screen


    Im in desperate need of some help for a project I am doing.


    I have managed to get to servos controlled by a joystick and attached them to a pan/tilt arm,


    But need to get a camera module (this one: VGA OV7670)


    to relay its footage to a LCD TFT Display…

  • remote controlled car problem

    Hello everyone, here is the problem :

    I'm making a remote control truck with the Arduino but the analog pins are just not enough.I have 2 analog pins left and I have to control 4 servos with potentiometers.


    Now, my idea is to use the 1st pin for a pot…

  • Help with prototype


    I'm new to the Element14 community and I'm hoping for some advice. I'm trying to create a prototype for a product idea I have that doesn't exist on the market. I'm a high school bio teacher, so I don't have the knowledge on how to do the circuitry…

  • Specific movement detection

    Is there a way to make a camera detect a certain amount of movements, say something the response of the arduino only happens when the user does 10 jumping jacks for example. Is this possible? Or will it only be able to detect movement, not amount of motion…

  • Coding question for setup of Ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) and Buzzer - Arduino Uno



    I am relatively new to Arduino so I know the basics however I am not the best at coding. My problem is that I am not sure about the coding for the following setup: I am using a Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04) and a piezo buzzer. I want to be able to move…

  • Emergency!

    Hello everyone, I'v been given a school project:


           calculate the gravity of earth using two sensors to estimate the time needed for a free falling object to go from sensor1 to sensor 2.

    Now, I'm gonna use 2 photoresistors and 2 lasers ,can anyone suggest…

  • Servos and coding

    Hi, so I'm new to the Arduino, I've done only one project so far and now -with my second..I ran into some trouble-


    I am tring to make my robot arm do  something repeatedly - like a Factory robotic arm - assembling stuff.The problem is that I have…