• Arduino Bytes 02: How to Use the Board Manager

  • How to prototype a gerber file with a software?

    Dear: Element 14

    You should know that my project is almost complete now. All I need to do for my rocket controller is to prototype it and to also to do the electrical mechanical part of the project. See I need to do that and then I am stuck on programming…

  • How to prototype a PCB #3

    Dear: Element 14

    You should know that prototyping my PCB is almost finished for my model rocket launcher. First of all today I decided to start a new PCB because my old one was too difficult to work with. Then I had a brilliant idea inspired by somebody…

  • How to prototype a PCB #2?

    Dear: Element 14

    Hello I have made many changes to my Rocket Controller since you last saw me. First of all I added voltage regulators to my PCB to make my PCB be able to amplify the current to 9 volts to detonate the ignition. Also I have made my PCB…

  • Help with prototype


    I'm new to the Element14 community and I'm hoping for some advice. I'm trying to create a prototype for a product idea I have that doesn't exist on the market. I'm a high school bio teacher, so I don't have the knowledge on how to do the circuitry…

  • External button interface design help and review

    Hi, I made this schematic for my project of connecting multiple push buttons via TS/TRS/TRRS (mic jack) don’t ask why i didn’t just use TS lets just say check before you buy . 1 thing im not sure about is the 10k pull-up resistor do I only need that one…

  • Tilt-Pan Low Cost MicroCamera

        • Introductory note
    • What this document is for
    • First step: mechanical parts for the camera structure
      • Component design: technology and material
      • Software
      • FInished components ready for assembly
    • Second step: camera assembly
    • Next step: the electronic…
  • Free Reference Design data for Arduino Uno & Arduino Uno SMD Rev3!

    For all the hobbyist, maker community, students and beyond - we're supplying free reference designs that you can work with, take from and build up to make

    your own designs!    No need to start from scratch!


    These PADS Arduino Uno & Arduino Uno…