• Help with prototype


    I'm new to the Element14 community and I'm hoping for some advice. I'm trying to create a prototype for a product idea I have that doesn't exist on the market. I'm a high school bio teacher, so I don't have the knowledge on how to do the circuitry…

  • Creating Multi-Purpose I2C Devices with Arduino for use with a Raspberry Pi

    In a previous post the sending of a single byte using I2C between a Raspberry Pi (master) running a Python 3.7 script and a microcontroller using Arduino libraries was described.  In this post a more useful template with multiple byte transfer is presented…

  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino I2C Communication

    This post demonstrates simple sending and receiving of data from a Raspberry Pi using Python 3.7 to a microcontroller using the Arduino libraries.  There is a follow-up post here that demonstrates multi-byte transfer and control of GPIO, ADC, PWM, and…

  • Access GPIO of Arduino from Raspberry Pi using Firmata & JAVA

    Firmata is a protocol that is used to communicate with microcontrollers from any tablet/pc over the serial interface. There are implementations of Firmata for many other platforms too along with Arduino. You can find support for Firmata if you are using…

  • LEGO RFID Scanner with ESP8266

    This was a fun project to better understand MQTT techniques. By using an ESP8266 (WeMos dev board), I was able to transmit an RFID UID using the MF-RC522 scanner. I then use Node-RED to orchestrate the workflow.


    Complete write-up


  • Programming Arduino got Portable | Raspberry Pi

  • AutoHome : IoT for Home Automation

    Hello All,


    I am glad to share my Arduino Yun-based IoT project - AutoHome : IoT for Home Automation

    in this Arduino group of Element14 community.


    AutoHome turns your mobile into a location-agnostic real-time Home Appliance remote, anywhere,

    anytime! The Home…