• Ultra96V2 with mipi adapter v2.4

    I cannot access my ov5645 through IIC2.This is my code:

    iic_conf = XIicPs_LookupConfig(IIC_cam);
    XIicPs_SetSClk(&iic_cam, IIC_SCLK_RATE);
    SendBuffer[0] = 0x4;
        Status = XIicPs_MasterSendPolled…

  • Ultra96 V2 JTAG boot mode problem


    I bought Ultra96 V2 development board and the training packet in the https://www.avnet.com/wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/ultra96-technical-training-courses/ . When I tried to implement SDK applications, i can't boot the board with…

  • ultra96 v2 board pynq overlay problem

    Hello everyone, I am new to pynq ultra96 v2 board. I am going to create a custom about matrix multiplication or simple calculation using Vivado HLS with C or C++.

    But i meet some problem about what data type to use in order to feed the  input array into…

  • AXI Interconnect PS PL on Zynq US+

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for guidance here:


    I need to interface my PS processor (application running on PetaLinux) with an IP created using Vivado HLS. My block design is shown below.

    I just want to pass some data to my IP (sha256), have the calculation…

  • Reg: Zedboard and Avnet Sharp 7 Touch Display Kit

    Hello Everyone,


    We have purchased Zedboard with Avnet Sharp 7 inch Touch Display Kit for our end application. The reference design given was fine and able to program and configure Touch display kit.



  • Ultra96.bsp Wifi and SD-Card

    Hi Everyone,


    I have a project with Ultra96,

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS,VIVADO and SDK 2018.2 and Petalinux 2018.2

    When I download ultra96v1_full_2018_2.bsp and install petalinux on ubuntu ( using Virtuabox)

    I am implement command :

    petalinux-create -t project…

  • PEX 8725 PCIe switch


    I’m working on a digital loop back test and currently I have set everything up correctly but I’m still having “FF” showing on my data counter. I have connected the port with cable from samtec. I have my Positive A16 connected to B14, and Negative…

  • Ultra96 - bitstream not loading properly



    I have a question on using PYNQ. Vivado generates the bitstream without errors, but PYNQ can't read the overlay?


    I tried:

    $ overlay.ip_dict()

    resulted in an empty dict, even though the bitstream is > 5MB and was generated using Vivado without errors…