• Ultrazed 7ev connection


    I designed PCB similar to the ultrazed 7 ev series carrier card.

    I connect my SATA txp,txn and rxp,rxn same pins with Eval-board.

    Also I connect my SATA clk (125mhz) again same pins with Eval-board.

    But i can not see any connection with my sata…

  • X Windows to LVDS LCD Display

    Software: Vivado 2019.1, Petalinux 2019.1/

    Hardware: Avnet UltraZED-7EV


    I have a project where I need to get an LVDS LCD display working to use as an X-Windows screen.

    Progress to date:

    - The system also has a DisplayPort video stream and that works under…

  • BOOT.BIN for Ultrazed EV Carrier board

    Is there a boot.bin file that I can get that has the all the IO on the carrier board working?





  • UltraScale+ EV, General questions regarding the Cortex R5F



    I have a few questions regarding the real-time cores (Cortex R5F) on the UltraScale+ EV:)


    • Can the real-time cores run independently from the rest of the SoC?
    • Do the real-time cores can have access to the SD card and CAN peripherals?
    • Can the real-time…
  • UZ3EG uart not working anymore with Petalinux


    Recently I started working from a vm to boot the uz3eg from jtag. But sometimes I had the following error: Cannot flush JTAG buffers. After some research, I tried to switch the USB to micro-USB of the uart with the jtag. Since then when I open the…

  • UltraZed-EV SOM memory

    I'm migrating from the PicoZed SOM to the UltraZed-EV SOM.


    In Vivado, I'm trying to configure the DDR for the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC. According to the "UltraZed-EV SOM Hardware User Guide" (LIT# UG-AES-ZU7EV-SOM-G-V1.2), the memory is: …

  • License issues

    When I bought the UltraZed-EV development board I was told that the software license that comes with it would work with the 2018 / 2019 version of Vivado in perpetuity. However, I went back to the board after putting it down for a long while and the license…

  • Petalinux 2020.1 failed to compile with tagged version



    I am trying to build petalinux using ./make_uz7ev_evcc.sh

    I set both the petalinux and the hdl version to tag 2020p1_uz_petalinux_UZ7EV_EVCC_20201104_065342

    I am using Vitis 2020.1.

    When the code runs create_petalinux_project(), it fails at


  • petalinux compile  error

    my Compile environment is  ubuntun18.4+vitis 2020.1+petalinux 2020.1,

    my hardware is   AVET's  UltraZedTm PCIe Carrier Card ,

    my BSP package is uz3eg_pciec_2020_1.tar.

    After  I  created ,configed  the BSP,

    As I compiled the BSP with petalinux-build, below is…

  • Ultrazed EV Carrier Board Design Files

    I am looking to design a custom carrier board to use with the EV and want to know if it is possible to get the design files to speed up development time?




    Rich Arnold

  • UltraZed RMA

    We have two suspected DOA UltraZed-EG SOMs ... what is RMA process.

  • UltraZed Integration

    Our new UltraZrd-EG boards won’t come up on our carrier board (dev kit).


    We think the UltraZed is DOA.

  • UltraZed-EV & SDAccel 2019.1


    I've downloaded the UltraZed-Ev platform file from here:



    and I ran a synthesis with SDAccel 2019.1 on one of the Xilinx SDAccel example design and I faced the following issue:

    WARNING: [Vivado 12-508] No…

  • UltraZed-EG Starter Kit

    Hi Guys Need help,

    I just received my Ultrazed-EG starter kit from Avnet. Tried the quick starter instruction card example. Nothing scrolls on terminal screen. I installed SiLab device drivers for Windows 10. Can see two USB to UART terminal 5 & 7. I have…

  • Does the UltraZed-EV SOM support PCIe Gen3x16 on the PL side?

    This is in regards to UltraZed-EV SOM.


    Would I be able to build a custom carrier card that brings out the PCIe interface on the PL side?

  • Ultrazed EV CC problem config 8t49n241 from EEPROM

    Hello I'm working with Ultrazed EV carrier card and Ultrazed EV SOM. I can configurate 8t49n241 for generate 148,5MHZ clock for SDI and it works. I also wrote the EEPROM with I2C and it works. And If I manually copy the content of EEPROM in registers…

  • Getting Started UltraZed - EG : Hello World - FAILED

    Hello Everyone,

    I have an Avnet  Ultrazed EG IO Carrier Card with SoM. I'm newbie in the field so I decided to follow the attached Getting Started.

    I followed all the steps in the UltraZed_EG_Starter_Kit_Tutorial_Vivado_2016_4.pdf.

    When I export my bitstream…

  • Avnet extended vs industrial temperature range


    I was checking ultrazed EG board and found AES-ZU3EG-1-SOM-I-G and AES-ZU3EG-1-SOM-G boards.

    after checking data sheet. the only difference is that  the " I " stands for industrial grade.

    what is the difference between industrial and extended…

  • The USB3 through Petalinux 2018.2 in UltraZed-3EG-IO in peripheral mode is not recognized

    The USB3 through Petalinux 2018.2 in UltraZed-3EG-IO in peripheral mode is not recognized

    The parameter is # CONFIG_USB_DWC3_GADGET is not set in the TeraTerm after running the zcat…

  • Ultrazed 3EG - display port reference design - desktop linux?

    I've found the displayport reference design for the ultrazed EG I/O carrier.


    Where I want to get to is: I have desktop Linux running on the ultrazed with a monitor connected to the displayport. I've seen there is a reference design for the ZCU102,…

  • I have a problem setting the USB3 in UltraZed-3EG



    How I am defining through PetaLinux (2018.3) the USB3 of the UltraZed-EG, as apparently it doesn’t support the previous setup ( of Ultra96-V1 and V2).


    The main command ifconfig usb0 netmask  and modprobe g_ether


    Are not recognized…

  • AXI Interconnect PS PL on Zynq US+

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for guidance here:


    I need to interface my PS processor (application running on PetaLinux) with an IP created using Vivado HLS. My block design is shown below.

    I just want to pass some data to my IP (sha256), have the calculation…

  • Reg: Zedboard and Avnet Sharp 7 Touch Display Kit

    Hello Everyone,


    We have purchased Zedboard with Avnet Sharp 7 inch Touch Display Kit for our end application. The reference design given was fine and able to program and configure Touch display kit.



  • UltraZed-EG SOM and IO carrier clock configuration


    I am testing UltraZed-EG SOM and IO carrier. But I couldn't get PL-SYSCLK (300MHz) working. I put jumper setting to default mode as following;


    J1 and J2 placed on pins 1-2 and JP1 is not installed.


    I put down simple VHDL test code and xdc file below…

  • Ultra96.bsp Wifi and SD-Card

    Hi Everyone,


    I have a project with Ultra96,

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS,VIVADO and SDK 2018.2 and Petalinux 2018.2

    When I download ultra96v1_full_2018_2.bsp and install petalinux on ubuntu ( using Virtuabox)

    I am implement command :

    petalinux-create -t project…